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Letters to the Editor: Statesmen wanted

From this author What We Ate09 Jan 2014 AAP starts membership drive Friday,sets deadline for probable candidates06 Jan 2014 Arshad Warsi refused Mira Nair’s film as he gets nervous with ‘auditions’05 Jan 2014 IT IS ironic that the day on which ‘Conscience and cowardice’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,November 9) appeared in print,news had already started […]

IT IS ironic that the day on which ‘Conscience and cowardice’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,November 9) appeared in print,news had already started to trickle in that the PM was,in fact,going to cancel his trip to Sri Lanka to attend the CHOGM. The ruling political establishment prevailed,and the lack of statesmanship in the Congress’s ranks was laid bare. One is reminded of the apt saying that a statesman thinks of the next generation,and a politician thinks of the next election. This decision was guided by the perceived gains to be had in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. When will broad national interests take precedence over narrow political calculations?

— M.K.D. Prasada Rao


Lofty words

THIS refers to ‘Xi’s new moves’ by Minxin Pei (IE,November 11). The writer has rightly said that the US is circumspect about joining hands with China. The reason is simple. In international relations,the high-sounding principles that China is so fond of just don’t work. One needs clarity and not ambiguity in bilateral agreements and statements. China has also been unable to back up its lofty words with facts and action on the ground. It needs to revamp its strategies and speed-up its various reforms,if China hopes for a helping hand from Barack Obama.

— Kushan Dixit


Bankruptcy of ideas

THIS refers to the editorial ‘Bypassing the state’ (IE,November 11). Both the BJP and the Congress have failed to focus on the Naxal issue in Chhattisgarh,which has,over the years,crippled administration in the state. The Naxals strike at will and the government,both at the Centre and in the state,remain mute spectators. Paramilitary force personnel and policemen deployed in the state feel scared to don their uniforms and prefer to move in unofficial vehicles. Neither of the major political parties has put forward a plan to address this vital issue. The ad hoc manner in which this issue is being addressed points to the bankruptcy of ideas that afflicts the two main national parties.

— Kiran Yadav


Talk is cheap

THIS refers to ‘On Gujarat and Narendra Modi,mixing up numbers,slipping on facts’ by Piyush Goyal (IE,November 9). Goyal’s riposte to Anand Sharma’s interview was nothing but an exercise in egoism. Leaders would be better advised to abandon the hyperbole and prove their respective arguments on merits and facts. People are well aware of the track records of both the Congress and the BJP. They will judge these parties not on what their leaders say on the TV channels and write in newspapers,but by what they do on the ground.

— Tarsem Singh