Letters to the editor: Miles to go

Delhi should earnestly take up their cases with Riyadh to ensure their release and safe return.

Updated: July 7, 2014 12:08:18 am

The release of the Indian nurses, all women, abducted by the ISIS in Iraq is a big success for the government and must have come as a relief to their families. The concerted diplomatic efforts of Union Home Minister Sushma Swaraj and the perfect coordination with the Kerala government are appreciable. All-out efforts should now be made for the release of the 39 Indian construction workers in captivity of the ISIS. Further, 40 Indian construction workers employed by a private company are in jail in Saudi Arabia. Delhi should earnestly take up their cases with Riyadh to ensure their release and safe return.
— M.C. Joshi

Dikshit as aam aadmi
According to the response to an RTI query, former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit had as many as 31 air-conditioners and 25 heaters, not to speak of other electrical appliances, installed in her official bungalow. Is it not an irony that the CM, who had all the while been advising Delhites to save power by using it frugally, was herself indulging in such profligacy? Having tasted so much power for so long, the three-term CM will have a tough time once she is no longer the Kerala governor and has to live like an
aam aadmi.
— P.G. Menon

Mai baap sarkar
This  refers to ‘Eye on elections, govt wants to rid state of power cuts’ (IE, July 3). If the Maharashtra government wants to free the state of power-cuts and load shedding, it needs to reform its ways. Round-the-clock power supply can only be achieved by increasing power generation capacity and reducing transmission and distribution losses. However, it appears that the government is not in the least interested in such long term, constructive measures. Instead, it seems bent on indulging in myopic, cheap populist programmes with an eye on the state elections in October. After having announced a waiver of electricity dues for farmers, how can the government expect the situation to improve? How can a government whose coffers are practically empty dole out such largesse?
— V. Chandramohan

Two become one
This refers to ‘Govt discusses merging NPR, Aadhar projects’ (IE, July 4). It is good to know that the home ministry is thinking of merging the National Population Register and the Aadhaar project into one to avoid duplication of information. A lot of money and labour will be saved if the two projects are merged into one. With the issuance of NPR cards, the government should do away with Aadhaar cards and also with voter cards.
— R.K. Kapoor

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