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Letters to the editor: All politics is local

Chavan’s proposal will simply not hold water.

This refers to the editorial ‘In denial, still’ (IE, April 25). The proposal of Prithiviraj Chavan, Maharashtra CM and senior Congress leader, to confine Lok Sabha polls to national parties is untenable. Ever since the fractured mandate of 1989, when India ventured into an unprecedented era of coalition politics, regional parties have continued to occupy centrestage at the national level. In fact, it is now almost impossible to think of any single national party getting an exclusive mandate from voters to govern the nation. Chavan’s proposal will simply not hold water.


Heartening turnout
Apropos the article ‘Phase after phase, voter wave gets bigger’ (IE, April 25), the voter turnout so far in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections is significantly higher than in previous national polls. This contradicts the contention that people are disillusioned with the democratic system. While politicians and poll pundits will interpret the high turnout in their own ways, it is evident that more and more people are venturing out to participate in the democratic process by exercising their authority in electing a government of the kind they want. It makes our democracy stronger and resilient.

M.C. Joshi

Walk the talk
This refers to the articles ‘Mumbai records highest turnout in a quarter century’ and ‘Bollywood skips voting, goes for IIFA instead’ (IE, April 25). While the average Mumbaikar braved the scorching heat to queue up at polling booths, many film stars skipped the all-important day for the IIFA awards function. The convenient explanation given by them was a “clash of dates”. However, Farhan Akhtar, who is a host at the Florida show, cast his vote before flying out, and so did Shahid Kapoor. The missing stars should have practised what they preach, on and off the screen.
Ganapathi Bhat

Seeing the light
This is with reference to the news item ‘Priyanka should play greater role in Congress: Gogoi’ (IE, April 25). Praising the dynasty is second nature to Congressmen and paying obeisance to it is an integral part of the party’s sycophantic culture. So there is little surprise that Assam CM Tarun Gogoi finds in Priyanka Gandhi a messiah. What hidden virtue has Gogoi seen in the Gandhi scion that he should advocate her cause so earnestly? Or is Gogoi suggesting that Priyanka would be a better bet for the party than Rahul Gandhi? Who knows.
C.V. Aravind