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Letters to the editor

The UPA gave Jains minority status and Jats OBC status just before the general elections but suffered a historical defeat even in Haryana, west UP and Rajasthan.

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Reservation row
THIS refers to ‘Did Maharashtra need a Maratha quota?’ (IE, June 27). Reservation is needed in our country’s present social and economic structure. But this rationale is lost in caste- and religion-based politics. The UPA gave Jains minority status and Jats OBC status just before the general elections but suffered a historical defeat even in Haryana, west UP and Rajasthan. Political parties need to change tack. People now vote on the basis of a party’s overall performance in government. They cannot be lured by the promise of superfluous reservations.
—  Utsav Jain

Once bitten
DESPITE the fact that Uruguay’s star striker, Luis Suarez, seems to have a propensity to bite his opponents on the field, he should not have been banned for nine games at this juncture. The player has been punished for his behaviour in the past and also expressed regret. He will be needed by his squad as they head towards the crucial phase of the FIFA World Cup (‘FIFA bites back with nine-match, four-month Luis Suarez ban’, IE, June27). The ban on the Uruguay forward has not only shattered his hopes in the World Cup but also disappointed millions of fans at home and across footballing nations.
— Azhar A. Khan


Rank bad system
APROPOS of ‘The futility of ranking’ (IE, June 27), S. Giridhar has exposed the lacuna in our education system. It is an extension of the colonial system, the purpose of which was to train a group of interpreters to liaise between the rulers and the ruled. Higher education must be in tune with social needs. Moreover, if state universities use the state language as a medium of instruction, Hindi and English get neglected. This limits the employment opportunities of students. A vast sum of public money is expended to maintain a useless education system. Educational reforms are undertaken not to advance knowledge but to gain an edge over a rival politician. For example, new IITs have been proposed, notwithstanding staff and fund shortages. This can only bring down the IITs’ brand value.
—  M.K. Mahapatra

Sweet nothings
THE price of sugar has increased in wholesale markets after the hike in import duty was announced (‘Not so sweet’, IE, June 25). This price is expected to rise further in the future. Meanwhile, the FRP announced by the Centre is much lower than SAPs and the arrears owed to sugarcane farmers remain undiminished. So raising import duties solves nothing. The mills cannot afford the SAP and the farmers do not get their dues. States also refuse to implement the Rangarajan formula, where farmers would be paid the FRP up front and then 70 per cent of all realisations would be shared with them.
—  C. Koshy John