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Letters to the editor

THIS refers to the report,‘It’s all in the family: 146 MPs employ relatives as their personal assistants’ (IE,May 15). The report is an eye-opener.

Personnel matters

*THIS refers to the report,‘It’s all in the family: 146 MPs employ relatives as their personal assistants’ (IE,May 15). The report is an eye-opener. Although it is not in violation of any law,I entirely agree with Subhash C. Kashyap,former secretary general of the Lok Sabha,that it is an ethical issue. It should be taken up either by the ethics committee or by the presiding officers of the two Houses. This seems to be a long-running practice,though nobody has tried to point it out. The BJP has 38 MPs involved in this practice. Its spokesperson,Ravi Shankar Prasad,is aware of the problem. He should do something to stop it and lead the way for the other parties.

— Yash P. Verma Pune

Fighting cancer

* ACTRESS Angelina Jolie deserves applause for going through a double mastectomy when she learnt that she carried a gene that made it likely she would get breast cancer. It is one of the biggest killer diseases among women and Jolie’s popularity should be used to spread awareness about cancer. Perhaps she should be made global ambassador for such a project. Preventive checks are the need of the hour and spreading knowledge about the disease can help women stall it in the initial stages.

— S.N. Kabra Mumbai

Probe this

* THIS refers to the editorial ‘Out of court’ (IE,May 15). Our Constitution and the idea of democracy assure an impartial government that works to protect people’s common rights and fights against corruption. But governments and ruling parties are different entities. In reality,the government is busy trying to please the ruling party because those in government want to strengthen their position in the party. So our experience has been that governments intentionally use the CBI and state


investigation agencies to their own ends,instigating them to focus on scams involving

members of the opposition. If all institutions are politically motivated,people will not

forgive them. The recent mandate in Karnataka reflects people’s anger against a

corrupt government.

— Uttam K. Bhowmik Tamluk

More than words

*APROPOS the report ‘Nawaz Sharif set for third term as Pakistan PM’ (IE,May 13),Pakistan has never been able to sustain democracy for long. Peace in the subcontinent has been under serious threat because of an unstable Pakistan. Sharif’s return to power seems to indicate that the desire for democracy is genuinely felt there. Pakistan has long awaited a statesman like Sharif,someone who has the imagination to foresee a

future in which India is not its eternal antagonist. Pakistan’s “yes we can” moment,and Sharif’s statement that he

would not allow terror against India bred on Pakistan soil,give India genuine reasons to be pleased. These reassurances must not be treated as mere words. They should be taken as a positive step that could

normalise ties between the

two countries.

— Surinder Marwaha Delhi