Letters to editor: Picture of neglect

The poor security or rather total lack of it has made our stations soft targets for terrorists.

Updated: May 4, 2014 11:44:29 pm

The twin bomb blasts in a train at the Chennai railway station, which killed a young software engineer and injured 14 others, is the tragic outcome of the woefully inadequate security at our railway stations (‘TCS staffer who died was going home to get engaged, wanted to buy gifts for all’, IE, May 2). The story of the Bangalore-based IT professional, Swathi Parachuri, who died in the blasts while on her way to visit her parents ahead of her marriage is particularly heart-rending. My heart goes out to the victim’s friends and family. The poor security or rather total lack of it has made our stations soft targets for terrorists. Unlike our airports, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are teeming with security personnel, our railway stations are a picture of neglect and apathy. And Swathi has paid the price for that.
N.J. Ravi Chander

Devoid of basis
Nandini Sundar’s position that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, “has no regard for any kind of court, east of all a constitutionally appointed judiciary” is devoid of any factual basis (‘After Modi, the deluge’, IE, May 2). Modi did submit himself to a gruelling ­investigation by the Supreme Court-instituted special investigation team. Also, the Gujarat administration has dutifully carried out the SC’s orders pertaining to various matters to do with the 2002 tragedy.
Ajay Tyagi

Right to walk
Rich and arrogant drivers think that they are above the law and that roads are their personal race tracks (‘Rules for the road’ by G.K. Pillai, IE, May 2). To discipline such drivers and save innocent lives, the government should immediately amend the rules and regulations pertaining to driving. Reckless drivers or those caught driving under the influence of alcohol should be arrested and punished severely. Their vehicles and licences should be confiscated. Such drivers should be barred from driving as punishment. While constructing roads, ample space should be allocated for footpaths. This should be a priority in civic bodies’ plans. The number of zebra crossings with working traffic lights should be increased, which will make life easier for pedestrians. Most importantly, these measures should be strictly enforced.
Ketan R. Meher

Looming challenge
This refers to ‘Pill poppers’. Through the decades, over the counter sales of antibiotics have reached new highs. This is why the country faces the bleak prospect of an increase in antibiotic resistance. It is time for the government to curb the sale of drugs without prescriptions.
M. Jeyaram

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