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In a letter this week (‘Fickle ties’),S.K. Shah from Delhi argued that,given the speed with which alliances are formed and broken,ideology or principles interest few....

Published: February 7, 2009 12:06:04 am

In a letter this week (‘Fickle ties’),S.K. Shah from Delhi argued that,given the speed with which alliances are formed and broken,ideology or principles interest few.

Politics of ideology,perception and principle have faded. Politicians enter into one political alliance at breakfast; switch to another at lunch and cosy up to a third over dinner. Given that the Congress is distancing itself from the SP,Mulayam Singh is in bit of a fix. The relationship with Kalyan Singh is not yielding the desired benefits and thus he is looking towards the CPM. The fact remains that,in the current political climate,ideology only provokes a yawn or two.

No secret

The foreign secretary’s statements indicating the involvement of the ISI in the 26/11 Mumbai attack should send out a message to the international community. He has highlighted Pakistan’s role as the “epicentre of international terrorism” and thus the reason why Pakistan shouldn’t be appeased. It has been no secret that Pakistan has been using terror as state policy against India for decades. 26/11 was just its culmination.

— A. Paramesham


The other victims

n India has,in the past,suffered blows intervening in Sri Lanka’s civil war. Not only did we lose soldiers but also a former prime minister. However,the Indo-Sri Lankan connection cannot be ignored. Sri Lanka’s make-up has serious implications for peace within India. India needs to pull its weight suitably with the Sri Lankan government and the international community to ensure that the civilian population of the hitherto LTTE-controlled areas doesn’t suffer for want of humanitarian aid and rehabilitation.

—J. Khurana



I draw your attention to the editorial ‘Just questions’ (IE,February 3),particularly to the sentence,“The absurdity of Raju and his accomplices not being interrogated by SEBI for three weeks,the Andhra government’s opposition to this,and the Centre’s deafening silence — put together,could invite whispers of a cover up.” In this regard I draw your attention to page 16 of the petition filed by SEBI before the Hon’ble Supreme Court,which clearly states that the State of Andhra Pradesh supported the application of the petitioners (read SEBI) and filed a counter not opposing the prayer of the petitioner,a copy of which is annexed. I would like to submit that the state government has been fully supporting the Central investigating agencies in their attempts to question the accused in this case. It is made clear both in the petition of the SEBI before Supreme Court and also the copy of counter filed by AP CID before the Metropolitan Magistrate. You are also aware that the state government has been urging the Centre to put in place a mechanism for coordination between various investigating agencies and also to consider ordering CBI inquiry into the scam. I can only submit that no state government could have done better under similar circumstances.

— N.V. Reddy

Special Officer,Andhra Pradesh Information Centre New Delhi

The error is regretted.

— Editor

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