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Let cartoons be

This refers to ‘Here are some of the cartoons deemed unsuitable for school’

Let cartoons be

* THIS refers to ‘Here are some of the cartoons deemed unsuitable for school’ (IE,July 4). I’m a student of Class XI. Cartoons can open our minds and broaden our thinking about politics. Without visuals like cartoons,the study of politics becomes rather monotonous for many students who are not interested in social studies. Many of us in my school believe that cartoons should not be removed from our books as they add to the study of politics. Our MPs should discuss and debate issues that are relevant,not the deletion of cartoons that were made by famous cartoonists many years ago. In a democracy we have the right to express our views and MPs should stand up for that right.

— Srishti Ghai

New Delhi

Free fall

* THE editorial,‘A crisis,still’ (IE,July 4) rightly points out that unless Air India is reformed,it will continue to make losses. The Centre must initiate reforms immediately if the airline is to be saved. Are politicians reluctant to overhaul the airline because they enjoy its freebies?

— R.K. Kapoor


Writing code

* I AGREE with the editorial ‘Akhilesh’s code’ (IE,July 3) that the usefulness of a code of conduct lies only in its strict enforcement. It is futile to expect the elected representatives of today to follow a code of conduct that calls for integrity,transparency and accountability in public life. Party leaders like Akhilesh Yadav talk about codes of conduct only to hog the limelight. They lose no time in disregarding or compromising with the code if their own position is threatened.

— Hema


Wrong hand drive


* UTTAR PRADESH CM Akhilesh Yadav’s proposal to allow MLAs to buy vehicles costing up to Rs 20 lakh from their area funds is shocking (‘UP MLA LAD to fund Rs 20-lakh vehicles’,July 4). Government funds are meant for public welfare and not for providing elected representatives with a cushy life.

— N.R. Ramachandran


Spanish symphony

* APROPOS Spain’s thumping win over Italy,La Roja are on a golden run,winning the last World Cup and back-to-back Euro titles,achieving the tag of invincibles. Only time will tell whether they will be able to retain this for long,like Pele’s Brazil.

— N. Mahadevan


State over nation

* Apropos ‘Dire states’ (IE,July 4),the political culture in the states is cause for concern. India has had dominant state leaders earlier as well. But now state leaders have grown powerful on the strength of their regional parties. They have a limited view of critical issues. Each minds his own state,ignoring the country’s greater good.

—Y.G. Chouksey