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Learning from Patel

Shekhar Gupta is right to point out the Congress’s hypocrisy.

* Shekhar Gupta is right to point out the Congress’s hypocrisy in being territorial about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However,Gupta was uncharitable towards the BJP by saying that they “borrow and steal” from the Congress (‘My Sardar vs yours’,IE,November 2). The fact of the matter is that the BJP is right to have brought attention to Patel. The Sardar’s views and actions are close to the heart of every right-thinking Indian. Be it on the matter of the accession of Junagadh,Kashmir and Hyderabad to the Indian Union,or the rehabilitation of refugees from Pakistan,the Sardar was never afraid of being frank about reality. He never thought it necessary to sugar coat the truth. The rising frequency of incidents on our borders with China and Pakistan,and the absence of a muscular response from India,only goes to prove what we can still learn from Patel.

— Ajay Tyagi


* Shekhar Gupta’s argument that far too many national landmarks are named after members of the Nehru-Gandhi family will find resonance with many Indians. That the Gandhis have treated the country’s welfare schemes as their personal advertising space is all too well known. Welfare schemes are people’s right. The money spent on their implementation comes from taxpayers. It is paid for by the Indian people. It is not charity from the Gandhis.

— M. Prasad


Better safe

* This refers to ‘Of fact,fiction and Cheney’s defibrillator’ (IE,November 3). The former US vice president’s fears of the possibility that his defibrillator may be hacked into,after watching the famous TV drama Homeland,are not misplaced. Rather,it was prudent of him and his physicians to take precautions against misuse. It is truly scary to think that someone can remotely control the pace of your heart. Implanted medical device manufacturing companies are also worried and plan to invest more heavily in client safety. This may increase the cost of these devices. But as they say,better safe than sorry.

— B.N. Anand


Must do Mars

* All public projects should be examined to verify whether they constitute necessary or sufficient conditions to enhance welfare. A necessary condition is one without which a result cannot occur. What benefit cannot accrue to the public without the mission to Mars? A sufficient condition is one that ensures a result will follow. What public benefit is certain to follow the mission to Mars? If the mission to Mars is neither necessary nor sufficient for any public benefit,why is a poor country spending taxpayers’ money on it?

— Aparna Tulpule