Laughing stock

Laughing stock

Tension between India and the US due to the arrest of Devyani Khobragade.

* This refers to ‘India may seek parity for US mission staff’ (IE,December 16). The tension between India and the US due to the arrest of Devyani Khobragade,an Indian diplomat stationed in New York,was entirely avoidable. It is rather silly that the Indian government is trying to blow the issue so out of proportion. The case is a purely personal one between Khobragade — who seems to have violated US labour law and lied in a visa application — and the New York law enforcement authorities. Why should the governments of either country get involved? The government of India must not make itself the global laughing stock by coming to the rescue of a diplomat who has clearly flouted US law.

— K. Ashok Kumar


Step down

* This refers to the editorial ‘Do the right thing’ (IE,December 17). It’s a matter of great concern that a person who has been found prima facie guilty,by a Supreme Court committee,of sexual harassment is continuing as head of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission. In a strictly legal sense,Justice Ganguly is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But his continuation in office seems unseemly now. Surely,Justice Ganguly realises this himself? By staying put,he is hurting the cause of justice and the integrity of the WBHRC. People expect the upholders of justice and human rights to conform to a very high standard of behaviour and morality.

— Ashok Goswami


No takers

* This refers to ‘Compromise is no crime’ by Sanjaya Baru (IE,December 16). The results of the Delhi assembly elections show that the people have voted for change. Unfortunately,it seems that no one is ready to take charge and respond to the people’s wishes. The BJP has,understandably,expressed its inability to form government. The AAP is also reluctant to stake claim. The AAP’s attitude is unfortunate and seems arrogant. One wonders why they fought elections in the first place if,despite having the numbers,given the Congress’s outside support,they feel so diffident. Delhi is facing a number of problems that require urgent attention,which only political governance can provide. The people’s mandate was certainly not for president’s rule.

— Devendra Khurana


Pot and kettle

* This refers to ‘Modi on Lokayukta like Asaram talking of “virginity”: Jairam’ (IE,December 17). Narendra Modi taunted the Congress for not implementing the Lokayukta Act in Uttarakhand. But he forgets that the same issue is hanging fire in his own state,Gujarat.

— R.K. Kapoor