It’s a chip

It’s a chip

It can only be because you carry a chip on your shoulder about the Indian Foreign Service.

* I am deeply disappointed and shocked to read your editorial on the Devyani Khobragade case (‘Our VIP abroad’,IE,December 18). It can only be because you carry a chip on your shoulder about the Indian Foreign Service,which would also explain your pathetically naive views about diplomatic privileges and immunities. It also makes me think that those who have been saying for long that your paper should be more appropriately called “American Express” are absolutely right!

— Rajiv Sikri


Off the mark

* Drawing a parallel between the Devyani Khobragade matter and the incident involving Italian marines is off the mark. The latter is a clear case of murder — a “grave” crime by any standard — and so,Italy had no right to ask us for special treatment for the marines. Khobragade’s case relates to “visa fraud” and conflicting of labour norms and laws. Arresting a woman diplomat in full public view,handcuffing her,lodging her in a prison cell with drug addicts,and strip searching and cavity searching her are all intended to outrage us and provoke us to retaliate. Of course such treatment will elicit objections from India. The withdrawal of certain privileges to US consular staff and the removal of barricades from outside the US embassy in Delhi,however,are not mature responses.

— J.P. George


Be proactive

* This refers to ‘The safety imperative’ (IE,December 18). India lacks an independent and effective regulatory framework in several sectors. In addition to establishing new regulators,the need of the hour is to review the existing regulatory mechanisms. The NSEL crisis has revealed the weakness of our financial regulatory apparatus. The demand for a unified regulatory system for each sector needs to be debated extensively. We should not just copy regulatory structures from other countries. Parliament should be proactive and find a happy medium between over-regulation and none at all. The present cynical attitude of banning everything,from mining to GM trials,will harm India’s growth in the long run.

— Amit Verma


The shirker

* The dilly-dallying of the Aam Aadmi Party on the issue of government formation in Delhi continues. It was ingenious of Arvind Kejriwal to toss the ball back into the people’s court by declaring that he will ask them whether he should accept the Congress’s outside support or not. It was clever of the Congress to offer the AAP support. The people’s mandate was for the AAP to form a government. It should not shirk its responsibility or dither any further.

— C.V. Aravind