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Monday, June 25, 2018

Inept opposition

This refers to ‘United we fall’ (IE,August 30). The lack of resolute leadership in political parties.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 2, 2013 6:38:00 am

Inept opposition

* This refers to ‘United we fall’ (IE,August 30). The lack of resolute leadership in political parties,particularly opposition parties,and their inability to take principled positions on such crucial pieces of legislation,such as the food security and land acquisition bills,have rightly been pointed out. MPs from the opposition benches,after tearing into various provisions of the bills,meekly allowed them to be passed anyway. The Lok Sabha debates on these bills were a good opportunity for the opposition,particularly the BJP,to showcase their alternative vision on crucial socioeconomic issues. But,as it turned out,they were all sound and fury,with little substance.

— Naren N. Joshi


Syrian fallout

* This refers to ‘No-win in Syria’ by Hardeep S. Puri (IE,August 30). An American-led intervention in Syria may take place any time now. This will destabilise the entire region,which is an important source of the world’s energy supplies and will have a serious impact on the world economy and especially on developing countries like India. The unverified accusations,that Assad used chemical weapons against civilians,are being cited as the reason the US is looking to intervene in Syria.

— C. Koshy John


Defiling The Oval

* It was shameless and disgraceful of three English cricket players to urinate on the historic pitch at The Oval while “celebrating” their Ashes victory. A pitch is the soul of the ground and it takes months of painstaking labour for groundsmen to prepare a good pitch. A pitch is not just a 22-yard strip of land for cricket players,it is their bread and butter,and players should learn to respect it. This kind of behaviour was not expected of English cricketers,who are normally well behaved and take pride in the fact that the game originated in their country.

— Jagmander Goel


Trying rules

* I agree with ‘Ill fitting cap’ (IE,August 30),that the Telephone Regulatory Authority of India should not interfere in the affairs of television channels. It must certainly not force TV channels to restrict ads to 12 minutes per hour.

TV channels depend on advertisements for their survival. Therefore,it is odd to curb their right to run ads. This is tantamount to financial asphyxiation. More ads on TV certainly irritates viewers,but it is not TRAI’s business

(or,it should not be) to dictate how many ads are reasonable. Viewers are perfectly free to simply switch channels if they are so bothered.

— R.K. Kapoor


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