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Monday, July 23, 2018

In a spot

The IPL must evolve a fresh code of conduct for players and cover all the loopholes in their system.

Published: May 21, 2013 12:26:35 am

* This refers to the editorial ‘Under suspicion’ (IE,May 20). The spot fixing scandal is sure to take some sheen and credibility away from the IPL but if the administration uses this as an opportunity to clean the mess,it could certainly turn the tables. The IPL must evolve a fresh code of conduct for players and cover all the loopholes in their system. The IPL is a big-ticket tournament and players want to make as much money as they can while they are still in the game. The role of the administration needs to be enlarged. Spot fixing has undoubtedly raised doubts on fair play. It’s now incumbent on the administration to take steps to restore people’s confidence as well as the credibility of the IPL.

—Ashok Goswami Mumbai

* The Centre is planning to bring a new law to deal with the menace of betting,spot fixing and match fixing in sports. Cricket,the gentleman’s game,has become too lucrative and vulnerable to fixing and cheating. The involvement of players in fixing and their on-field manipulations are the worst manifestations of greed. Spectators and lovers of the game feel most let down by the actions of the players. Perhaps they should be meted out harsher punishment than those who are on the peripheries of the game. Players who are caught and convicted for match fixing should get a jail term and must be banned from playing for life. Corruption and cheating goes against the very grain of sportsmanship. The government may introduce laws to stem the rot but it is important to break the nexus between bookies,politicians,corporates and players. To restore confidence in players and

the game,it will take more than laws.

— Zulfikhar Akram Bangalore

Not too much Li way

* THIS refers to ‘With China,keep it real’ by C. Raja Mohan (IE,May 20). He rightly observed that territorial sovereignty must be respected by China. China’s expanded nuclear and missile cooperation with Pakistan is a cause of concern for India. With the Chinese economy gaining in heft,even the US wants to safeguard itself from China’s trade and currency wars. India must also try to reduce the trade deficit with China. It is always a good idea to improve relations with China to strengthen the ASEAN or the BRICS. But India cannot compromise on key issues with China.

— Shishir Sindekar Nasik.

* PREMIER Li Keqiang’s visit is indeed a historic one,especially since it has been choppy waters for bilateral ties because of the Ladakh episode. But having said that,our government cannot back down from its positions on the Ladakh intrusion and the South China Sea issue. Bilateral trade ties are heavily loaded in China’s favour. India should also get equal opportunities to invest in Chinese markets. It has to be a relationship where both are on an equal footing,with mutual interests taken care of.

— Bal Govind,Noida

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