House in order

The criminal records of some of our elected representatives is no secret

Written by The Indian Express | Published: March 28, 2012 3:19:42 am

House in order

This refers to ‘Sushma takes lead,House protests Team Anna attacks in one voice; Kejriwal remains defiant’ (IE,March 27).The criminal records of some of our elected representatives is no secret. The newly elected assembly in UP has many tainted members and the cabinet has tainted ministers. If our elected representatives fail to introspect and get a strong Lokpal,they will face an electoral rout.

— N. Ramamurthy


Calling names

THE outburst against Team Anna in Parliament is a classic example of the self regard of our MPs. Are our MPs and MLAs the holy cows of democracy? They come to the people with folded hands once in five years to solicit their votes. It is the people who are their masters and not the other way round. How then,does criticising the criminal elements in their midst amount to disrespecting the institution of Parliament? It is certain MPs,by their despicable behaviour,who have vilified the august institution of Parliament — not those who criticise them.

— V.M. Swaraj


Foot in mouth

THIS refers to ‘Govt orders CBI probe after Army Chief claims bribe offer’ (IE,March 27). Congress MP Manish Tewari was quoted in the report as saying: “Being a government official and head of the Indian army,he should have registered an FIR if someone came to him and offered a bribe.” Had Tewari heard General V.K. Singh correctly,he wouldn’t have said what he did. General Singh said that during the course of discussion on various issues,the officer concerned said he could get Rs 14 crore if he approved the purchase of trucks of a particular company. It is to be noted no cash was offered to him. There was no record of that conversation — so how can an FIR be registered?

— Yash P. Verma


General inaction

IF someone had so brazenly offered a bribe of Rs 14 crore to General V.K. Singh,he should have called the police and got that daring crook arrested then and there. It was no ordinary crime that could await delayed disclosure. It is intriguing why the general did not make him suffer the consequences of his criminal act. What is the use revealing it now except as a sensational piece of news?

— R.J. Khurana


Where’s the party?

IN ‘Where the script went wrong’ (IE,March 26),Swaraj Thapa correctly summarised the present status of the BJP. The facts should be taken as a wake-up call by the BJP before the upcoming series of elections. There is no use harping over the failures of the Congress and other parties. Nitin Gadkari,as a responsible head of the BJP,should own responsibility of the party’s poor performance and step down,or at least try to revamp the party with more experienced deputies.

— Raja Thirumalai


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