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Monday, July 23, 2018

Hit and miss

The ICC strongly advocated having the decision review system in all matches but eventually had to give in to the BCCI

Written by The Indian Express | Published: July 2, 2012 2:59:03 am

Hit and miss

* THE ICC strongly advocated having the decision review system (DRS) in all matches but eventually had to give in to the BCCI (‘ICC bows before BCCI diktat over DRS’,IE,June 29). India opposed the DRS as it believes the system is not foolproof. The BCCI must not lose sight of the fact that DRS was implemented quite effectively in World Cup 2011.

— Ganapathi Bhat


Trial by fire

* WATCHING Mumbai’s Mantralaya on fire was painful (‘Mantralaya fire toll climbs to 5,structural audit to begin soon’,IE,June 23). The loss of lives is irreparable. But it is time the government woke up and took measures to ensure the safety of its buildings and records. Fire safety norms have been severely flouted in this case,reports suggest. All government buildings should be put through fire safety audits. The number of firefighters we have is clearly inadequate. A top-class disaster management cell should be instituted to handle big operations. Meanwhile,Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar’s allegations of sabotage were not in good taste. Such statements should only be made by investigating agencies after they complete their probe.

— Yash P. Verma


Empowering India

* THE editorial,‘Out of power’ (IE,June 29) could have argued for stepping up investment in solar power. Fossil fuels are limited and once they are exhausted,India is likely to be dependent on imports. Solar power,in spite of high capital costs,pays off in the long run. If India has the will,there is definitely be a way out of the current power crisis. Meanwhile,there should be efforts to improve efficiency in power transmission and distribution. Particular attention should be paid to clamping down on pilferage.

— Abhishek Puri


Technical snags

* THIS refers to the changes in the admission process for the IITs (‘No weightage for marks: IIT Admission Board’,IE,June 24). It strikes me that what is being called a solution is only the beginning of a new set of problems. First,it has been proposed that only students in the top 20 percentile category of each school board will qualify for the IITs. Under the old system,anyone with 60 per cent in their class 12 boards was eligible for the IITs after clearing the JEE. Second,the new system will only increase,not reduce,stress levels for students. They will now have to clear the difficult entrance exams and do well in the board exams. On the one hand,HRD Minister Kapil Sibal talks about reducing emphasis on marks-based evaluation through measures like the CCE. On the other,he increases competition by bringing in a filtering system for admission to engineering colleges.

— Naheed


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