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Friday, July 20, 2018

Hard talk

This refers to Shekhar Gupta’s ‘The final accommodation’ (IE,June 8).

Published: June 11, 2013 5:50:59 am

* THIS refers to Shekhar Gupta’s ‘The final accommodation’ (IE,June 8). It is correct that the final solution to the Naxal problem will not be a military one,but rather one based on dialogue. It is time for the government to carry out a massive counter-insurgency operation against the Maoists in order to bring them to the point of realisation that they simply cannot win this war and that they will ultimately have to come to the negotiating table.

— M.C. Joshi Lucknow

End of Advani era?

* L.K. Advani should sincerely acknowledge Narendra Modi’s potential to improve the prospects of the BJP and possibly lead them to victory in the 2014 general elections (‘BJP makes its pick: ‘Justice calls for Modi’’,IE,June 10). Considering Modi’s vast popularity and his recent triumphs in the Gujarat bypolls,Advani should not have had any hesitation in supporting Modi’s nomination as the chairperson of the party’s campaign panel. Advani’s and other top leaders’ absence from the Goa meet was conspicuous. It was followed by Advani’s resignation from party posts on Monday. The BJP should understand the maxim “united we stand,divided we fall”. Instead,things appear to be going the other way.

— Vijay D. Patil Pune

Bad old days

* THIS refers to the editorial ‘Band aid on gold’ (IE,June 8). It correctly raises the root issue of why the demand for gold is rising. It seems that the demand for gold in India is different from that in any other country; and this has nothing to do with income or consumption levels. While gold is a symbol of status,is culturally significant,and is a very liquid and secure form of saving,there are other reasons why it has been so popular. This has to do with the lack of faith in the government due to high inflation,as well as inadequate financial inclusion. To levy a higher import duty on gold will not be the solution. This will only boost smuggling; remember the story lines and dialogues from the several Hindi films prominently featuring gold smugglers in the days of prohibitive import duties and import bans. We have already learnt the lesson that we must allow gold imports,and instead increase our exports to ease the current account deficit.

— Shishir Sindekar Nasik

Food politics

* THIS refers to ‘Amma’s dosas’ by Coomi Kapoor (IE,June 9). The Tamil Nadu government should seriously rethink extending and even continuing this populist scheme. The running of canteens may benefit the ruling party,but it is not,and should not be,the government’s business. The government should focus on its duty to provide infrastructure,education and healthcare,rather than indulge in unproductive and populist schemes.

— N. Ramamurthy Chennai

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