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Monday, June 25, 2018

Great expectations

We only know to elevate a leader to the status of a deity.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 13, 2012 3:42:27 am

Great expectations

In ‘Book clubbed’ (IE,April 12),Pratap Bhanu Mehta has brought out the fact that people like Aurobindo were great leaders only because they candidly admitted to,and then overcame,their all-too-human frailties. Our society’s unwillingness to acknowledge these frailties in leaders,and our propensity to instead rail against those who might point these out to us,are born of a shallowness in culture and education. We only know to elevate a leader to the status of a deity.

— R.P. Subramanian

New Delhi

Left out

APROPOS ‘Leftovers again’ (IE,April 12),the CPM has failed to attune itself to the changing times and the growing aspirations of people. While the masses have been angry over growing financial and social inequality and people like Anna Hazare have raised their banner against corruption and inefficiency in government functioning,the CPM has failed to garner the support of the working class. The major reason is its failure to objectively assess its performance and grow into a progressive political alternative.

— Ved Guliani


Child of burden

The harshest punishment should be given to the person who battered Baby Afrin (‘Bangalore’s battered baby dies’,IE,April 12). But is that going to make things better for thousands of Afrins all over the country? A girl child is often considered a burden. The need is to change the mindset of our society. This cannot be achieved just by strict laws and punishment. Social awareness should be brought about by improving education at the grassroots level.

— V. Chandramohan


Bhopal via London

AFTER the London Olympics,Dow Chemicals should seriously consider paying adequate compensation to the survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy. The IOA must treat this as a human rights issue and a part of their revenue from the London Olympics should be passed on to the people.

— B.B. Goyal


Your lordship!

JUSTICE Katju has to realise that change cannot be dictated or imposed. It has to evolve,and evolution is a slow,painful process. Indians do vote on the basis of caste and community but there are reasons behind this. Caste and community have been the routes of assertion and empowerment. But recent elections have shown that the voter is not a fool. Real issues are being considered by the voter instead of caste and community. Katju blames the media for focusing on cricket and movies,but the independence of the media is non-negotiable and what they highlight should be their call. Moreover,will just talking incessantly about issues like farmer suicides lead to a change for the better? It is wrong to call the majority of Indians fools.

— K. Rajagopalan


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