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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Flawed logic

There is an underlying callousness and a lack of sensitivity in the way arguments against food security are made

Written by The Indian Express | Published: August 7, 2013 5:29:33 am

* This refers to ‘Poverty of thought’ by Surjit S. Bhalla (IE,August 3). There is an underlying callousness and a lack of sensitivity in the way arguments against food security are made. For the sake of argument,

Bhalla takes Amartya Sen’s claim,that 1000 lives are lost each week the bill is delayed,at face value. Bhalla writes that he finds the expenditure of Rs 50 lakh to save a life “silly”. He ignores the fact that if 1,000 people are dying of starvation,then a rather large number must be on the verge of death as well. By ignoring the impact of food security on these people,Bhalla engineers the Rs 50

lakh statistic.

— Gurpreet S. Goraya Kharar

Truants in chief

* This refers to ‘For more than half of sittings in LS,Sonia,Rahul absent’ (IE,August 5). It seems that,more often than not,Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have not been present at Parliament. On the other hand,senior BJP leaders L.K. Advani and Rajnath Singh attended over 80 per cent of the 15th Lok Sabha’s sittings. L.K. Advani is considerably older than Rahul Gandhi,and yet he has outperformed him substantially. Having said that,it is understandable if one stays away from Parliament because of illness. It is amusing that Sonia Gandhi has now asked the Congress floor managers to ensure the maximum possible attendance of Congress MPs in both Houses.

— Deepak Chikramane Mumbai

Bleak House

* This refers to ‘Doing Housework’ (IE,August 5). Parliament is an institution that is vital to sustaining a healthy democracy. It is a forum to discuss laws,debate important issues,question government policy and give vent to grievances. But in recent sessions,members have shown utter disregard for the institution through disruptions and walkouts. Bills have been passed with little discussion. The opposition should be more responsible and less apocalyptic in raising issues. At the same time,the ruling party must give the opposition legitimate space to play

its role.

— Anchit Mathur Delhi

Birds of a feather

* Reacting to Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s letter to the prime minister asking for justice for Durga Shakti Nagpal,Samajwadi Party leaders have asked why she didn’t write a similar letter in the case of the victimisation of Ashok Khemka,the Haryana cadre IAS officer who took on her son-in-law,Robert Vadra. The Congress is making all the right,polite noises now. But it is also guilty of victimising straightforward bureaucrats,who,in trying to enforce the law,clash with the party’s interests.

— M.C. Joshi Lucknow

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