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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Fissiparous Front

Now that the ever-disgruntled elements have herded together as Third Front,with the objective of sharing the fruits of office post-elections.....

March 16, 2009 2:16:42 am

•Now that the ever-disgruntled elements have herded together as Third Front,with the objective of sharing the fruits of office post-elections,the electorate should exercise their better judgment and see the Third Front for what it really is —

insubstantial and fissiparous (‘Umpteenth Front’,IE,March 12). These are regional satraps who will not blink before abandoning the boat to join whichever of the two major

alliances emerges with the most seats.

— Bellur S. Dattatri Pune

•Alliances such as the Third Front,formed on March 12,are unprincipled and have an eye only on capturing power. Such groups will never give the country a stable government. Nor have these “special interest groups” ever worked to produce or support a strong national government. Third fronts desire weak governments,since they are usually unable to form one of their own,and because such governments will be more dependent on them. Besides,given the conflicting and competing personal ambitions of Third Front leaders,a government by them will keep checkmating itself. Hopefully,people know better.

— R.J. Khurana Bhopal

A dozen PMs

•Never before have there been so many prospective prime ministerial candidates in India on election eve (‘Maya to Third Front…’,IE,March 12). These leaders’ appetites are not going to be satisfied with anything less; therefore,if a Third Front does come to power,all other ministerial categories should be abolished. We should have only PMs,such as prime minister of finance,PM of external affairs,and so on.

— Anubhav Bhargava


Jobs for votes? 

•As the world passes through one of its worst economic slowdowns,India’s general elections will be an acid test for parties and leaders. Maharashtra,too,has been severely hit by the meltdown,and the World Bank figures are frightful. Those who lost their jobs,and those unemployed for long,need to ask of candidates how they are going to get jobs.

— Ashok R. Shinde


Alarming America

•The US is turning protectionist alarmingly. As the world leader,the US is expected to give its best to the world through the recession. It has to lead the world from the front out of this crisis. It will not only set a bad example but also prevent global recovery by brazenly favouring the domestic economy.

— Rajeev Batra


Reading them wrong

•President Barack Obama is making a mistake by dividing the Taliban into a “good” and a “bad” Taliban. It’s a wrong understanding and policy,based on conjectures and detached from reality. This new strategy will also ignore the violation of human rights. Moreover,Obama should know better that the Taliban is intrinsically linked to the Pakistani establishment,which created it and then lost ground to it.

— Gulshan Kumar


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