Film promotion

or a long time,cricket has hogged the spotlight in our country at the cost of other sports,which receive step-motherly treatment

Written by The Indian Express | Published: July 30, 2013 12:14:32 am

Film promotion

* For a long time,cricket has hogged the spotlight in our country at the cost of other sports,which receive step-motherly treatment (‘Running debate’ by Shekhar Gupta,IE,July 27). Films like Chak de India and Bhaag Milkha bhaag have done

well to bring some focus

back to other sports. It would be great if,instead of unrealistic soap operas,some effort is made by production houses to create television serials with different sports as the backdrop. This might play a significant role in promoting sports.

— Ketan R. Meher


What’s in a name

* The Punjab government’s initiative to develop a new city,around Mullanpur,on the lines of Chandigarh,is laudable (‘Chandigarhs old and new pitch two states in battle’,IE,July 26). Chandigarh’s infrastructure has come under considerable stress because of its increasing population. The need to upgrade transport and housing facilities,and for more electricity is being felt in the city. Given these circumstances,there is an urgent need for this new township,which will hopefully be beautiful and well developed like Chandigarh,in contrast to Gurgaon. The Punjab government must,however,ensure that this development does not result in the further congestion of Chandigarh. I personally can not understand why the Haryana government is making such a fuss.

— Parminder Singh


Balancing act

* This refers to ‘Taking the pragmatic turn’ by Sheel Kant Sharma (IE,July 27). I agree with the writer that both the US and Iran need to adopt a pragmatic approach to sorting out their differences over the latter’s nuclear capabilities. With the reformist Hassan Rouhani at the helm,the US must maintain a conciliatory and understanding attitude,and give him time to establish himself in his new office. Rouhani will have to tread a tightrope on the nuclear issue for some time,balancing both Ayatollah Khamenei,who will not give him a free hand at first,and the US. It is also important that Israel not feel betrayed by the US talking directly to Iran.

— Tarsem Singh


The welfare way

* This refers to ‘Rajiv Gandhi lessons on the food bill’ by Surjeet S. Bhalla (IE,July 27). It is true that corruption has eroded the efficacy of welfare programmes in India. Corruption should be eliminated by improving transparency,accountability and by nurturing probity in public life. Considering how uncertain the market economy is,and how deep the inequalities of status,income and opportunity,schemes that are mandated to provide certain legal entitlements to citizens are required for achieving inclusive growth. Improving their implementation,not abolishing them,

is the solution.

— Muhammed Majaz

New Delhi

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