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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Eyeball to eyeball

Apropos ‘Give Sharif a chance’ by Raza Rumi (IE,August 9),the writer correctly asserts that we should start a dialogue with Nawaz Sharif

Published: August 12, 2013 12:15:56 am

Eyeball to eyeball

* Apropos ‘Give Sharif a chance’ by Raza Rumi (IE,August 9),the writer correctly asserts that we should start a dialogue with Nawaz Sharif. In the past,we have fought wars,resulting in the loss of lives and enormous expenditure. Rumi is correct to assess that skirmishes are inevitable if two armies,suspicious of each other,position themselves eyeball to eyeball. A demilitarised buffer zone could reduce such occurrences substantially. This requires dialogue and trust.

— M.K. Mahapatra


Just deserts

* This refers to ‘A question to Modi’ (IE,August 9). Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has annoyed a lot of people because of his authoritarian style of functioning. He opposes anyone who threatens him,or his style of functioning,in any way. Consider how the Gujarat BJP has become a one-man show. Modi has decimated his own party in order to ensure there are no threats or challenges to him from within the party. He has got his just deserts,in the form of Justice Mehta’s letter,for accusing the venerable lokayukta-appointee of being “not pro-government”. This has shown us all how Modi will not shy away from interfering with the working of an independent authority like the lokayukta if he feels threatened. Modi’s style of functioning is not suited to a democracy.

— R.K. Kapoor


* I disagree with ‘A question to Modi’(IE,August 9). Why are you insinuating that Modi is dictatorial? Has Modi had his way with the appointment of the lokayukta? Weren’t the appointment orders duly issued after the case was decided by the SC? Is it not legitimate to ask why the UPA-appointed governor did not consult the Gujarat government before recommending Justice Mehta for the post? After the CM objected,why did the governor refuse to reconsider her recommendation? Would it not have been better if the lokayukta was a person agreeable to both parties? One cannot forget the appointments of the CVC and the chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission. These cases show how the Congress prefers to bulldoze its candidates through,rather than select a mutually acceptable person for the job.

— Kedarnath R. Aiyar


Darker days

*This refers to ‘Election therapy’ by Sanjaya Baru (IE,August 8). The writer has not included in his analysis the fact that the post-poll scenario is not likely to be conducive to any radical policy change,as the elections will most probably throw up a fractured mandate. I doubt either the BJP or the Congress will get more than 125 seats. The country is certainly headed for even darker days.

— Debabrata Aich


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