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Eye on the future

THIS refers to ‘Advantage States’. Given the situation,Nitin Gadkari probably took on more than he bargained for by getting Narendra Modi and B.S. Yeddyurappa on the same stage

Eye on the future

* THIS refers to ‘Advantage States’ (IE,May 29). Given the situation,Nitin Gadkari probably took on more than he bargained for by getting Narendra Modi and B.S. Yeddyurappa on the same stage. Yet the BJP needs to address the increasing fragmentation within the party and this executive meeting was a good opportunity. The Congress should be wary of this development. The BJP is probably gearing up at the right time.

— Aditya Radhakrishnan


Pot shots

* INDEED,Prashant Bhushan exhibits extreme bad taste and profound ignorance of the Mahabharata by comparing Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Shikhandi (‘A cheap shot’,IE,May 30). A far more accurate analogy would be to liken the PM to Bhishma himself: a “good” man whose personal integrity is not doubted,yet who has remained silent and completely ineffectual. However,we cannot sing paeans to the PM’s declaration that he will resign if there is any truth in the allegations of corruption against him. If any of them is proven,he will have no choice but to do so.

— R.P. Subramanian


* THE PM’s outburst against Team Anna’s charges of corruption against him may be more bravado than challenge. Although Team Anna has been levelling serious charges of corruption against Singh’s colleagues for a while now,he has maintained a stony silence or defended the accused without making any attempt to investigate the charges. The unexpected reaction makes one wonder if it is a genuine bid to protect his honour or the result of prodding by the party high command. The Congress,after all,relies on the PM’s “clean image” to pull through difficult times.

— Arun Chandra


Signal for change?


* IT WAS encouraging to see Punjab Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal and DGP S.S. Saini agreeing to check the use of status symbols such as state vehicles and security personnel (‘Vehicles with illegal beacon lights,tinted windows to be seized: Dy CM’,IE,May 30). Finally,one sees political will combined with administrative acumen in our leaders. If Badal pulls off more such feats and backs his administrators,he will be a boon for Punjab.

— Balwant Gurunay


Fizzled out

* YOUR editorial ‘Bubble and fizz’ (IE,May 29) rightly points out that Facebook’s IPO was overpriced. However,there was hardly any analyst who was sceptical about its pricing. Nobody dared to criticise the issue till it was listed. Now that the IPO has not performed and its promoters and others have made huge sums of money,no one is writing about what action should be taken against them. Everyone is busy writing about what went wrong.

— Sachin Shah