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Ends and means

The people’s will is,in fact,reflected through institutions of democracy.

* This refers to ‘Substance over form,please’ by Radha Kumar (IE,October 2). The writer asserts that since Rahul Gandhi’s outburst reflected ordinary people’s will,his poor form should be forgiven. The people’s will is,in fact,reflected through institutions of democracy — Parliament,the cabinet and the prime minister. How does Kumar know what the people’s will is? Also,analogous to Kumar’s argument,since the objectives of Sanjay Gandhi’s five-point programme during the Emergency were good,the means,including forced sterilisations to control population growth,should be forgiven/ ignored. Rahul should have aired his grievances politely and in private so as to not belittle the PM. If we believe in the constitutional scheme of things,we must concede that the PM is the highest executive position in the country.

— Ashok Sudan


* Congratulations to Rahul Gandhi for understanding the anger of crores of ordinary Indians and ensuring that the cabinet withdraw the ill-conceived ordinance to protect convicted legislators. It took courage to speak up against his own government and the establishment view. It now seems possible for the government to take decisions which,while being in national interest,are not necessarily in the interest of the political class or other powerful groups. The hands of the prime minister have been strengthened.

— Satyavrata


Wrong side of the law

* This refers to ‘CBI books Dayanidhi Maran,BSNL officials’ (IE,October 1). It appears to be the season for politicians to get their comeuppance for scams and scandals. The law seems to be taking its course in a few cases involving high-profile politicians. While Lalu Prasad,the RJD supremo,is cooling his heels in prison for the fodder scam,Rasheed Masood of the Congress faces a jail term for a corruption case. With the CBI now setting in motion the prosecution of the former Union telecom minister,Dayanidhi Maran,and a few BSNL officials,for misusing 360 high-speed telephone lines,it’s only a matter of time till Maran also finds himself on the wrong side of the law. But for the judiciary,this country would not have been able to tame its political class.

— V.S. Jayaraman


Guaranteeing peace

* This refers to ‘Deterrence is not a fantasy’ by Shyam Saran and Sheelkant Sharma (IE,October 3). The writers convincingly argued how,for India,the enhancement of its nuclear capabilities and improvement of its nuclear weapons delivery system are matters of necessity rather than of prestige. Those who ignore this fairly obvious fact must be unaware of the frequent incursions and firings on our borders. They seem oblivious to the troubled politics and internal disturbances of our neighbours. Deterrence is a strategy to guarantee peace,not to encourage belligerence.

— Satwant Kaur