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Monday, July 16, 2018

Empty show

It is a pity that so many years after Independence,most political parties — including the BJP.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 21, 2013 2:25:04 am

* This refers to the editorial ‘Same tokenism’ (IE,September 12). It is a pity that so many years after Independence,most political parties — including the BJP — use Muslims as political ornaments without bothering about their genuine needs. While political parties are busy staging this kind of a superficial show,there is growing perception among certain sections that Muslims are unfairly appeased at the cost of others. However,the situation on the ground is the opposite. The riots in Muzaffarnagar are proof of this.

— Satinderjit Singh


Uninspiring examples

* This refers to ‘Is he joining Congress? Nilekani says “possibly”’ (IE,September 19). Nandan Nilekani’s plans to join the Congress and contest the 2014 Lok Sabha elections are positive and healthy developments for democracy. But I fear that people like Nilekani are not made for the hustle and bustle of electoral politics. Nilekani is a pioneer in the Indian IT industry,but whether he will be successful in fighting elections is very doubtful. The track record of technocrats-turned-politicians is not very inspiring. Manmohan Singh,though a renowned economist,was defeated when he stood for elections from the South Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. Mani Shankar Aiyar is another such example. Nilekani should be sponsored for a Rajya Sabha seat instead. He is not a grassroots politician. His talents will be better utilised elsewhere.

— B.N. Anand


Illiberal statement

* This refers to ‘”Won’t live in India if Modi becomes PM”’ (IE,September 20). The reported statement of noted Kannada writer U.R. Ananthamurthy,who is a recipient of the prestigious Jnanpith Award,speaks volumes. One is free to be as critical as one likes of Narendra Modi. However,a reasonable and liberal person would not have said what Ananthamurthy did. In his remark,he showed his contempt for democracy. He wasn’t as critical of Modi as he was of people who don’t share his opinion. A truly liberal

and democratic person would gracefully accept

an ideological defeat at the ballot.

— Jai Prakash Gupta


Leap of faith

* This refers to the editorial ‘Facelift for Humayun’ (IE,September 19). I would like to congratulate the Archaeological Survey of India and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture for their excellent work and sincere efforts. Humayun’s Tomb,a Unesco World Heritage Site,has now been restored to its medieval glory. It boggles the mind to contemplate the research and planning that must have gone in to restore every small detail of the tomb complex,from the intricate carvings to the drainage system. The historic Nizamuddin area stands to gain tremendously from this work. Above all,this is a heartening example of historically accurate restoration in India. It might seem like a small step,given the endless list of monuments awaiting restoration,but it has resulted in a giant leap in citizens’ faith in the country’s heritage management.

— Gaurav Gupta

New Delhi

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