Effortless job

The editorial ‘Lawless minister’ (IE,April 27) must be read to understand how Ashwani Kumar has achieved the impossible in trying to please his political bosses

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 30, 2013 12:43:24 am

Effortless job

* The editorial ‘Lawless minister’ (IE,April 27) must be read to understand how Ashwani Kumar has achieved the impossible in trying to please his political bosses. He has exposed effortlessly how the CBI was manipulated,when the matter is now sub judice. One must salute the judges of the SC who asked the CBI to affirm that it had not shared the relevant affidavit with the political executive. The rest is hot news.

— M.K.D. Prasada Rao


Coalgate calling

* Apropos the report ‘In submission to SC,CBI listed govt changes’ (IE,April 29),CBI Director Ranjit Sinha’s unusual but factual affidavit before the Supreme Court,saying that he had shared the “coalgate” status report with Union Law Minister Ashwani Kumar and officials of the PMO,as well as the coal ministry,is no doubt an admission of the government’s tendency to control the premier investigating agency. It’s not enough to infer the CBI might have received advice on framing the status report. Even what’s known so far constitutes a breach of propriety. But how to end the row? The government and opposition must do something to contain the fallout.

— Surinder Marwaha

New Delhi

Failing Sarabjit

* The slow and defensive tactics of the Union government is the root cause of all our problems (‘Chinese camp 19km inside LAC: Defence Secy to House panel’,IE,April 27). As a result,our internal and external security is at risk. Sarabjit Singh has been inside a Pakistan jail for many years,and now we find him brutally assaulted by fellow prisoners. Even if the Pakistani government allowed Sarabjit to come to India for treatment,his chances of survival are low. Thus we act when everything is almost over. There’s no one to stop atrocities against women,or the battering of an Indian prisoner in Pakistan. All along,Sarbajit’s family had been pleading with the Union government to bring him back,but it took its own time — and this is the result.

— Anandambal Subbu

Navi Mumbai

Friendship lines

* It Is heartening to see Pakistani parties are talking of better relations with India instead of raising the anti-India rhetoric to garner support (‘Pakistan parties fight polls on India-friendly manifestos,IE,April 28). This shows Pakistani masses are more likely to support a party espousing peaceful ties with India. Promises of normalisation of trade relations and construction of a regional gas-oil transfer network show Pakistani leaders now place economic development above aversion to India. But manifesto promises are no reason for Indians to rejoice,as there has always been a wide gulf between what Pakisatni leaders profess and practise. Moreover,the Pakistani army will not favour a reconciliation with India.

— Vatsal Vasudev


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