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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dangerous leaders

History teaches that dividing society with an eye to power eventually invites one’s own downfall.

Written by The Indian Express | March 19, 2009 10:52:10 pm

• History teaches that dividing society with an eye to power eventually invites one’s own downfall. Varun Gandhi should know this. Those who gathered at his rally weren’t there with the intention of listening to his venomous words. But Gandhi successfully capitalised on their lack of preparation. It is unfortunate that Indian masses have been victims of dangerously opportunist politicians like Gandhi and Raj Thackeray. Such lack of constructive response from the political makes one sad,especially so close to elections.

— Ashwani Sharma


Right reproach

• The editorial on Varun Gandhi was apt.

Unfortunately,BJP leaders have spoken in different voices. While Muslim leaders of the party have attributed the provocative speech to Gandhi’s “Congress legacy”,others failed to find much amiss. But the speech was against fundamental liberal values as well as the law of the land.

— J.M. Manchanda Delhi

Seeking publicity?

• One cannot help wondering whether Varun Gandhi’s hate speech was meant as a publicity stunt. But it doesn’t surprise one that many senior leaders of his party have chosen not to react to the speech yet. In fact,many Indian politicians,hoping to create the image of a strong and uncompromising candidate for themselves,have taken recourse to such hate mongering.

— N. Kunju Delhi

Indian,above all

• No sensible Indian voter wants a regional tag to the Indian prime minister. Everybody wants an “Indian” PM,with an agenda for the nation as a whole and capable of controlling not just cricket but also terrorism and the economy. It is imperative that a PM aspirant think of the nation as a whole and not just his or her region’s problems and wishes. The same applies to his/ her caste and creed. That’s the reason why one would object to Sharad Pawar’s stated reasons for wanting to be PM.

— Hansraj Bhat Mumbai

Natural predicament

• Timorously,for obvious reasons,the Chinese PM expressed fears about the safety of Chinese investments in US government debts. Well,China had taken a risk,now it must face the consequences.

— S.K. Balasubramanian


Big risk

• Are IPL matches indeed so important to us,especially in the midst of general elections,palpable terror threats and a global economic crisis? It is also prudent that the government not spend public money on providing security to private events,including cricket. After all,a small lapse can endanger lives and embarrass the country.

— Md Ziyaullah Khan

New Delhi

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