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Monday, May 25, 2020

Course correction

This refers to ‘Spectre mongering’ (IE,July 22). Rajnath Singh’s outburst against English and how it has allegedly destroyed Indian culture is irresponsible

Written by The Indian Express | Published: July 27, 2013 2:40:05 am

Course correction

* This refers to ‘Spectre mongering’ (IE,July 22). Rajnath Singh’s outburst against English and how it has allegedly destroyed Indian culture is irresponsible. English is what connects Indians who have different mother tongues. The BJP has a very confusing and self-contradictory agenda. They should concentrate on issues like how to improve the economy and reduce corruption. They should attempt to make India a fast-growing country again instead of resorting to retrograde politics.

— R.K. Kapoor


Personally speaking

* THIS refers to ‘A shrunken debate’ (IE,July26). BJP MP Chandan Mitra’s remark that Nobel laureate Amartya Sen should be stripped of his Bharat Ratna is unfortunate. Given that every person has a fundamental right of expression in a democratic state,criticising apolitical personalities like Sen for their personal opinion on whether Narendra Modi should be the next PM is utterly nonsensical. Demanding that his Bharat Ratna be revoked is an insult not only to his intellectual capabilities,but also to the award.

— Makrand N. Kulkarni


Bad taste

* THE latest data projects a glossy picture of poverty in our country (‘It figures’,IE,July 25). But these figures are based on the assumption that Rs 33.33 a day is sufficient for a person to survive in the cities. To make matters worse,Congress MP Raj Babbar claimed it was possible to get a full meal for Rs 12 in Mumbai,where even a vada pao usually costs around Rs 10. As if that were not enough,Congress leader Rasheed Masood claimed one could eat well for Rs 5 in Delhi,where even tea costs Rs 7-10 in most places. These come across as cruel jokes.

— N. Mahadevan


Going indie

* APROPOS Shubhra Gupta’s ‘Mainstream indie’ ( IE,July 26),most people pay hefty ticket prices only to watch their favourite superstars. Television probably has a much wider reach than cinemas. It might be a good idea to ensure that independent movies get a satellite release. That could help popularise them and integrate them with the mainstream.

— Anshul Mittal


Press charges

* THIS refers to the editorial ‘Degree of freedom’ (IE,July 26). There should be no regulation (a euphemism for censorship) of the media by the executive. The media should be left to regulate itself. If it fails to do so,and a person is defamed as a result,that individual should press charges of defamation in a court of law. As for media trials,there are two sides to the story. Had the media not intervened in the Jesica Lal case or the Nitish Kataria case or the Ruchika Girhotra case,the accused might have gone scot free. When our investigative agencies are influenced by those in power,media intervention becomes necessary. Of course,there are aberrations like the Aarushi Talwar case.

— Saroj K. Panigrahi


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