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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Count the swallows

This refers to ‘The more things stay the same...’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: February 3, 2012 3:36:32 am

Count the swallows

* This refers to ‘The more things stay the same…’ (IE,February 2). We have started reading too much into the Pakistan army’s soft pedalling. The army did not stitch up Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari because of public pressure,but because of its being out of favour with the US. General Ashfaq Kayani has rubbed the US the wrong way in Afghanistan relentlessly. The Pakistani army will always be in search for an opportunity to have an upper hand,if not topple the civilian government. We,therefore,need to wait for more swallows to fly to declare a summer in Pakistan.

— Satwant Kaur Mahilpur

Quick fix

* The editorial ‘Stopwatch justice’ (IE,February 2) raises concerns about the delays in our justice delivery system. Merely granting sanction for prosecution is not enough. Justice should also be delivered in the shortest possible time. Existing complex procedures make things worse and cause delays before a case reaches its conclusion. The corrupt shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy ill-gotten gains.

— S.C. Vaid Greater Noida

* There’s nothing wrong in the Supreme Court suggesting Parliament amend the law under which the sanction of a competent authority is a prerequisite to prosecute corrupt public servants. This section is abused by the government to protect corrupt politicians and public servants from prosecution by denying or holding back requests for sanction. The four-month deadline to grant or deny sanction is also right to begin with. Next,deadlines for the completion of investigation and trial must also be set.

— M.C. Joshi Lucknow

Driving it home

* It was sad to read ‘264 drivers have spotless record,no reward’ (IE,January 30). The authorities don’t seem to notice and appreciate the work of these drivers who have ferried passengers for decades without a single mishap,such as Devidas Govindrao Jadhav who,with a 28-year accident-free record,is still waiting for the acknowledgement of his work. Their work ought to have been recognised long ago and rewarded suitably. Honouring 10 drivers every year on Republic Day or Independence Day is grossly insufficient. It may take a quarter of a century for all of them to be rewarded. And some may not live to see that day.

— Yash P. Verma Pune

No free lunches

* The food security bill is being used as an electoral ace by the Congress. Our country doesn’t need a food security bill but agrarian reforms. The government must improve the distribution system of grains. News about rotting foodgrain in government godowns is frequent. The government must not make farmers dependent by providing free food. If food is provided for free,no one will work.

— Kanishka Pathak Dhanbad

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