CMs take note

This refers to ‘Turning point Phailin’ by Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda (IE,October 14).

Written by The Indian Express | Published: October 16, 2013 3:24:54 am

CMs take note

* This refers to ‘Turning point Phailin’ by Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda (IE,October 14). The preparedness of the Odisha administration and its efforts to mitigate a disaster in the aftermath of Phailin are commendable. It shows that they have learnt their lesson from the Super Cyclone of 1999. To see administrations learn from their mistakes is refreshing in India. The handling of Phailin also highlights how vital coordination between Central and state government agencies is to contain a calamity. This is the type of administration and governance we want and need. Various other chief ministers need to take note. It is hoped that the Odisha government will now be able to successfully and efficiently conduct follow-up operations — rehabilitation of displaced persons and containing the spread of communicable diseases.

— Ravi Aswani


Oddly timed

* This refers to the editorial ‘Setting up a self-goal’ (IE,October 15). It is a silly idea to reserve seats in Parliament for legislators from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,on the lines of the J&K assembly. Such a move will only worsen the already tenuous relations between India and Pakistan. On the one hand,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appears to be straining to improve relations with Pakistan. On the other,the home ministry has come up with this oddly timed proposal. This move will send the wrong signal to Pakistan and further poison the atmosphere. India must desist from going ahead with this counterproductive step.

— R.K. Kapoor


High ethics

* This refers to ‘Young Turk and polymath’ by Seema Chishti (IE,October 15).

The death of Mohan Dharia,who boldly challenged Indira Gandhi’s decision to impose the Emergency,marks the end of an era. Dharia was the only minister in Gandhi’s cabinet to resign in protest and was imprisoned,under the dreaded Maintenance of Internal Security Act,as a result. His opposition to Gandhi cost him dearly. It marked him out as a man of principles and high ethics. It’s touching that though he was such a bitter critic of Indira Gandhi,he received the prestigious Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration in 2011 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2005,from successive

UPA governments.

— B.K. Chatterjee


Long run benefit

* This refers to ‘Stronger bonds’ (IE,October 15). The government’s effort to enter emerging market bond indexes is commendable. It will only be successful in this endeavour if it liberalises the quantitative restrictions on foreign investment in rupee denominated bonds. In the long run,this will help bring liquidity into the debt market and earn foreign exchange.

— Gaurav Gupta

New Delhi

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