Civil army

You are absolutely right that the delicate balance between the government and army is like glass and needs to be handled with care.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: April 6, 2012 3:25:56 am

Civil army

I admire your courage in sticking to your well-researched report about the unusual movement of the two key army units towards New Delhi on the night of January 16-17 and of being critical of the quick denials from the defence minister and the prime minister (‘In denial’,IE,April 5). The trust deficit between the civilian government and the army is not new. You are absolutely right that the delicate balance between the government and army is like glass and needs to be handled with care.

— K.C. Mehta


THE growing trust deficit between the government and the army should be an eye-opener to our political establishment,with their lack of consistency and principled functioning. No doubt,the movement of two army units towards Delhi cannot be written off as a stray violation of protocol; it should also not become a question mark against our armed forces. The onus lies on the political class to clear the mess.

— Ved Guliani


DOESN’T it appear strange that the two army units,as part of their routine exercise,dashed straight to the NCR on the same date when General V.K. Singh approached the Supreme Court against the government on his birth date row? Was that a show of the army’s strength and a signal to the government? One and all in the country have deep regard and love for the jawan. It is now the turn of the generals to win the respect of the people by exemplary behaviour.

— K.L. Khandekar


Office & politics

APROPOS ‘In denial’,irrespective of whether The Indian Express went too far in reading between the lines,or the government didn’t want to admit the gravity of the matter; recent developments indicate a discord between the government and the army chief for which the political leadership,not the army chief,is responsible. The Indian army is a disciplined army and has always been submissive to the political leadership. The PM said that “everyone has an obligation to not lower the dignity of the army chief’s office”. However,the government was less than reasoned in resolving the date of birth issue and political leaders called for his dismissal. If army chief’s dignity is lowered,then can the dignity of his office be maintained?

— M.C. Joshi


Too soon

THIS refers to ‘Ex-admirals,officers move SC against next Army Chief’ (IE,April 5). It’s disheartening to already read a news item involving the next army chief. All that’s happening is not good for the morale of the junior army cadre. Apropos the next army chief Lt General Bikram Singh,why were pending cases allowed to linger

for so long?

— Vinod Sharma


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