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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Changing spots; Remembering Patel

After paying Patel a touching tribute in the Lok Sabha,Jawaharlal Nehru rushed to Bombay for the funeral.

Published: October 29, 2013 5:38:51 am

Changing spots

* This refers to the editorial ‘In minor key’ (IE,October 28). Politicians especially need to be judged by their past policies and deeds,and not on what they conveniently say on the eve of elections to get votes. Even if Narendra Modi has changed his spots,what about the Sangh Parivar,the support of which is sine qua non for Modi to become PM? Will the RSS give him a free hand to fulfil the liberal promises he is making in his political speeches?

— Tarsem Singh Langeri

Remembering Patel

* Apropos ‘Digvijaya posts Nehru photo on blog to prove Modi “lie”’ (IE,October 28),I vividly recollect December 15,1950,the day that Sardar Patel died in Bombay. At the time,I was working at the Reserve Bank of India in Madras. Orders were immediately issued under the Negotiable Instruments Act,declaring the day a bank holiday across India. After paying Patel a touching tribute in the Lok Sabha,Jawaharlal Nehru rushed to Bombay for the funeral. He did however object to the then president,Rajendra Prasad,attending the funeral. But Prasad insisted on attending it anyway. A few days before Patel’s passing,Nehru had been one of the few who had assembled at the airport in Delhi to see off the ailing Patel,who was leaving for Bombay. Perhaps,at some level,Nehru knew that he was seeing Patel for the last time. Their political differences were well known,but they did not let this affect their personal relationship.

— R.C. Mody

New Delhi

Despite blasts

* This refers to ‘5 dead,90 injured as serial blasts target Modi’s Patna rally’ (IE,October 28). Despite the serial blasts,Narendra Modi’s rally attracted huge crowds. This speaks volumes about his popularity and mass appeal. In the state that saw the JD(U) and BJP alliance break down,this augurs well for him. With Lalu Prasad behind bars,Bihar,which sends a significant number of MPs to Parliament,may be crucial for the BJP to succeed nationally.

— Bal Govind


One man show

* The BJP has always boasted of being a cadre-based,democratic party with a strong second-rung leadership. However,Narendra Modi’s elevation in the party has set the wrong tone. The cult of personality has always been a part of the Congress party’s culture. Now the BJP is also worshipping at a similar altar. Modi’s track record of having decimated the Gujarat state BJP is

not reassuring.

— M.K. Sharma


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