Change the rules

They are responsible to the nation and owe their allegiance to our Constitution

Published: July 31, 2013 5:57:36 am

Change the rules

This refers to ‘Rule of whim’ (IE,July 30). The suspension of Durga Shakti Nagpal for fighting illegal sand mining reflects poorly on the political executive. It hints at the UP government’s capitulation to powerful vested interests. Civil servants are not responsible for protecting their political bosses’ interests. They are responsible to the nation and owe their allegiance to our Constitution. This incident indicates how desperately administrative reforms are required,particularly because the Akhilesh Yadav government is not an exception in its treatment of civil servants.

Uttam K. Bhowmik,Tamluk

The suspension of a brave IAS officer,whatever the reason may have been — demolishing an illegal mosque or reining in illegal sand mining — makes one sad and cynical. This decision will only strengthen the trend of bureaucrats avoiding hard decisions.

B. Mazumdar,Delhi

Language divide

‘The Abbottabad omissions’ by Khaled Ahmed (IE,July 26) was an excellent article. I was struck by the objective and balanced examination of such highly sensitive and volatile issues. The writer’s analysis of the divide between the English and Urdu media appropriately described the situation in Pakistan. It also rings true of the divide between the English and the vernacular media in much of the subcontinent.

M.L. Gupta,Delhi

Collective regulation

Apropos ‘Degree of freedom’ (IE,July 27). Press censorship is undesirable and also against the letter and spirit of our Constitution. Media freedom is a pillar of democracy and should not be demolished by external regulation. Having said that,there needs to be some mechanism by which to curb the menace of paid news,unethical sting operations,media trials etc. Simply paying lip service to,and insisting on,“self regulation” is not sufficient. Perhaps the Press Council of India is the right forum to regulate the media. The regulators should be from the media fraternity itself. For this to be effective,the PCI would need to be re-evaluated,restructured and given more teeth.

Kunal Dhabekar,Nagpur

The art of spin

This refers to ‘Figuring out Gujarat’ by Bhalchandra Mungekar (IE,July 29). I was very disappointed that The Indian Express chose to publish such an obviously biased analysis of the Gujarat story. The writer is a Congress MP,and the article was a politically motivated piece of writing masquerading as serious analysis. The Congress seems to have mastered the art of spin. As Madhu Trehan mentioned in a column in these very pages,Congress MPs who want to ingratiate themselves with their “high command” have perfected the art of writing opinion pieces to prove their loyalty (‘A people in despair,a government in wonderland’,IE,July 29).

Anant Nerurkar,Pune

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