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Monday, July 16, 2018

Blundering opposition

his refers to ‘The deformists’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,July 20). Ordinary people are thoroughly disillusioned with the Congress-led UPA government

Written by The Indian Express | Published: July 23, 2013 12:58:18 am

Blundering opposition

* This refers to ‘The deformists’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,July 20). Ordinary people are thoroughly disillusioned with the Congress-led UPA government,which has been a failure on all fronts. I agree with the writer that the BJP has been unsuccessful in highlighting the shortcomings of this government’s economics,and has begun to,unknowingly,encourage support for the UPA’s povertarianism. Further,there seems to be a serious dearth of leaders within the BJP who have the credibility,given their performance in the opposition,to become cabinet ministers and take major policy decisions.

— Ketan R. Meher


No precedent

* This refers to ‘The Supreme Court judgments on convicted MPs,MLAs,then & now’ (IE,July 19). The validity of Section 8 (4) of the Representation of the People Act,1951,was not an issue decided by the five-judge Constitution bench referred to in the report. The observations made in that judgment about the purpose of Section 8(4) were only obiter dicta and not a binding precedent. They were,I believe,unsupported by the debate on the bill before it became the RP Act. Hence,there is no need to refer the matter to a larger bench,as has been suggested by Justice (retd) Balakrishnan.

— S.N. Shukla


Elite schools

* The news of children dying due to the flawed implementation of the midday meal scheme is extremely painful. Most of these children were from poor families that could

not afford private schooling. Most children of politicians and civil servants do not

go to government schools. Perhaps,they should be made to do so. This may be our only hope to improve

the quality of midday meals and school instruction.

The day the ruling class voluntarily sends its children to government schools will be the day we all are convinced that they have done their job.

— Arpit Jain

New Delhi

VIP culture

* This refers to ‘For AI,flying spares was more important than passengers,until official intervened’ (IE,July 20). It was thanks to the intervention of a secretary-level bureaucrat,who was also on the flight to Bhubaneswar that Air India was planning to reroute at the last minute through Guwahati,that the airline was forced to abort this plan and stick to the original route and schedule. It is only because there was a bureaucrat on board,who had the power to complain to the ministry of civil aviation,that the attempted change in plans was thwarted. This is wrong on multiple levels and speaks of our VIP culture,of government interference in Air India’s affairs,and of how unprofessional and poorly run Air India itself is.

— Krishna Uppuluri


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