Back on track

This refers to ‘Mamata turns her back on UPA’. A weakened UPA,which does not have much time left before the general elections of 2014

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 20, 2012 12:27:06 am

Back on track

* This refers to ‘Mamata turns her back on UPA’ (IE,September 19). A weakened UPA,which does not have much time left before the general elections of 2014,must seize the opportunity thrown up by the Trinamool Congress’s exit from the government. Apart from former railways minister Dinesh Trivedi’s unsuccessful attempts to introduce changes,the railways have been neglected for a long time. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has shown that he intends to revive the economy by announcing FDI in retail and aviation,increase in diesel prices and the sale of PSUs. Railways are also an important source of revenue for India and a critical part of basic infrastructure. Singh must take bold steps to improve them,now that they seem to have been rescued from the TMC.

— Bal Govind


Need of the hour

* THE editorial ‘United against reform’ (IE,September 18) outlines how various political parties are opposed to the idea of bringing in FDI in retail. This is inexplicable in the era of globalisation. The UPA government’s decision to introduce FDI in retail and aviation is the need of the hour.

— Shailesh Pawar


* THE UPA’s decision to let in FDI in retail will affect agriculture and cooperatives badly. Once we promoted initiatives like Operation Flood,led by Verghese Kurien,where the poor dairy farmer was made part of a dream project and the profits percolated down to the grassroots. Today,we want to let in foreign bidders and could lose the chance to repeat that success. It would seem that our political masters are merely eager to farm out their own work to corporate firms. The need today is to support expert Indians who can deliver profitable long-term results.

— Hemant A. Sant


Show time

* THE political circus that started in the aftermath of the diesel and LPG price hike and the announcement of “big bang” economic reforms is likely to continue for a while. However,escape clauses are built into FDI in retail: states who do not want to implement it,need not do so. There is a danger that the dust will soon settle and everything will be forgotten. Controversies like the one on coal allocations will also be put to rest.

— S. Kamat


Game changer

* THIS refers to ‘Hockey India league: Four teams sold,Oz star Dwyer likely to be mascot of hockey’s IPL’ (IE,September 18). A hockey league in demand with corporate buyers is good news. Aggressive marketing of the game will bring in viewers and drive away the apathy it suffers from. It will also attract more talented players and send out the message that cricket is not the only lucrative sport.

— Rahul Gaur


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