Awaiting Modi’s move

I appreciate the way in which Gupta appealed to Narendra Modi’s nationalist feelings.

Written by The Indian Express | Published: September 4, 2013 12:13:20 am

* This refers to ‘Dear Narendrabhai’ by Shekhar Gupta (IE,August 31). I appreciate the way in which Gupta appealed to Narendra Modi’s nationalist feelings to intervene and change his party’s stance on the India-Bangladesh land boundary pact. It is rare to come across such a positive media intervention,aimed at bridging the differences between two national parties on an issue that is of great significance for Indian security and at protecting India’s credibility in the sphere of bilateral diplomacy. It is up to Narendra Modi now to take this opportunity and put his weight behind this historic pact.

— Girish S. Jadhav


* In his article,‘Dear Narendrabhai’,Shekhar Gupta convincingly stressed the need for the land boundary pact with Bangladesh by explaining its advantages. As he pointed out,elections are due in both countries in a few months and so there is uncertainty about future regimes. There has been no regime quite as assertive and India-friendly as Sheikh Hasina’s government. The fear that such a friendly government might not be re-elected is legitimate. That is why the time to act is now. The Lok Sabha will function until September 5 and this pact must be approved by then. The AGP and TMC should not let their political interests cloud their judgement. The BJP and the rest of the opposition should stand by the government on this issue. In doing so,they will be standing by national interest and securing a happier future for generations to come.

— M.C. Joshi


War weary

* This refers to ‘Delay is good’ (IE,September 2). Though President Barack Obama has evidently sought to limit some of the political risks associated with dragging the US into yet another war in the Middle East,storm clouds are still looming over Syria. The UN Security Council is unwilling to support Obama’s proposed intervention,as is the British parliament. There are serious divisions over this question in a war-weary United States as well. We shouldn’t forget how in 2003,the US and its allies invaded Iraq on the pretext that it possessed “weapons of mass destruction”,a premise which was later proved untrue. Iraq remains unstable till today because of that war.

— S.K. Khosla


All aboard

* Apropos ‘The wider vision’ by Sanjaya Baru (IE,September 2),the writer,who served in the PMO as Manmohan Singh’s press adviser,echoes what the PM has been attempting to do — to reach out to various governments of the subcontinent. Unfortunately,this strategy has never been clearly articulated by anyone in government. We need a range of ministries — external affairs,defence and home — to be on the same page as the PM in order to successfully push this agenda.

— Ranjit B. Rai

New Delhi

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