Assam chronicles

Gupta’s Assam pieces were excellent. Compliments to Prodyut Bora for his endeavours.

Published: April 9, 2014 1:03:22 am

* This refers to Shekhar Gupta’s ‘When Mary Kom stares down at Narendra Modi’ (IE, April 4) and ‘Gogoi, the only Congressman smiling. and a weeping police officer in a Masjid’ (IE, April 5). Gupta’s Assam pieces were excellent. Compliments to Prodyut Bora for his endeavours. But the first IIM graduate in full-time politics is probably P.D. Rai (IIM Ahmedabad, 1978), sitting MP from Sikkim, who we hope will be re-elected. Compliments on Gupta’s Nellie story — true investigative journalism.
— Shailesh Pathak
New Delhi

Manifest reform

*  This refers to the editorial ‘Discipline and punish’ (IE, April 8). The editorial opines that the focus on punishment in sexual assault cases may be deflecting attention from real reform. It is true that punishment alone is not the answer — there are many other reforms that are needed to create an environment for victims to come forward and register complaints. But does the assurance of a speedy trial and stern punishment not help create a conducive environment to report heinous crimes? Not only does it encourage victims to come forward, but it also serves as an effective deterrent. The Shakti Mills verdict should not only be seen as deflecting attention from real reform. It is the manifestation of reform.
— Ayush Jain

Unanswered doubts

* The absence of any focus on electoral reform in the BJP’s 2014 manifesto leaves a big hole in an otherwise competitive document created for the electorate’s consideration (‘Same new’, IE, April 8). A party that harps on good governance should have outlined clearly how it plans to eradicate corruption and misgovernance from the country. Can it wipe out these evils without electoral reform? Will more development- and infrastructure-related projects not fuel yet more corruption in the prevailing administrative set-up? While one hopes the BJP will try to strengthen democracy in India if it forms government, the party’s manifesto has left some critical questions unanswered.
— D. Albert

Dreaming of speed
* In his article, Sidharth Luthra asks the government to address delays in trials by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, technical and legal support for investigating agencies, and more judges (‘The speed of justice’, IE, April 8). Do we really have the spare resources to pump into the criminal justice system? Even if we do, the story is incomplete. Unless investigators are allowed independence and are not questioned for bona fide decisions, unless procedures in trial courts are simplified and made user-friendly and unless some code of conduct is adhered to by lawyers, speedy trials will remain a distant dream.
— Anil Kaushik

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