Airing grievances

This refers to ‘CAG red-flags government policy on Delhi airport’

Written by The Indian Express | Published: May 28, 2012 2:04:46 am

Airing grievances

This refers to ‘CAG red-flags government policy on Delhi airport’ (IE,May 24). Plans to privatise Delhi airport are not above suspicion. Big schemes such as this one must be kept out of the hands of bureaucrats. The responsibility to initiate and plan such projects should be delegated to honest professionals instead.

— Arvind Kumar,Delhi

Train of thought

POOR driving skills and the lack of alertness may have been responsible for the tragedy in Anantpur on Tuesday. But there are other serious problems in the Indian railways (‘Train driver jumps signal,25 killed’,IE,May 23). The Tatkal reservation system,to take just one. It was revamped last November to help people who need tickets on an emergency footing. However,in most cases,travel agents,and not the common man,reap the benefits of this system. Travel agents buy tickets in bulk and charge exorbitant amounts from customers in dire need. This practice must be checked immediately.

— Ram Mishra,Amritsar

Teaching it right

YOUR article,‘A different reading’ (IE,May 24) was compelling and convincing. The NCERT’s move to include the Ambedkar cartoon — and others like it — was no doubt well-intentioned. Nevertheless,it is imperative to brief teachers well,so that they can place these cartoons in the right context for their students. Young minds should be able to draw the correct inferences from such cartoons.

— Rahul Gaur


Laugh a little

I AM a student of Class IX. Reading about the recent cartoon controversy,I was startled,but also amused,to discover that our MPs do not have a single funny bone. Do they really have to take everything so seriously? I cannot even imagine my civics book without cartoons. They are published to convey a point and are a boon for those who cannot grasp the subject easily.

— Gowri Bhatnagar

New Delhi

Difficult decision

THE editorial ‘Netaji by your side’,(IE,May 24) suggests that diesel prices be raised as well. However,such a move would not be in keeping with popular sentiments. The UPA government finally took the bold step of raising petrol prices in collaboration with oil companies,but the Congress’s allies at the Centre were not happy with the move.

— Janga Bahadur Sunuwar


Equality,a myth

THIS refers to ‘Lal battis etc’ (IE,May 24). The “VIP culture” of our politicians is not only the fault of our babus. The society we live in is equally to blame. The typical Indian likes to hero worship. Social and economic hierarchies are also ingrained in India. In such a situation,equality itself begins to look like a myth.

— Raghu Seshadri


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