After Annadurai

After Annadurai

The main Dravida parties,the DMK and the AIADMK,choose to call the BJP “communal” or otherwise depending on their respective alliance interests....

Tamil politics has been characterised by melodrama,with little scruples,after C.N. Annadurai (‘To Delhi,by the south’,IE,March 6). The main Dravida parties,the DMK and the AIADMK,choose to call the BJP “communal” or otherwise depending on their respective alliance interests. Whenever either ties up with the BJP,that taint is forgotten. This time round though,Tamil emotions over Sri Lanka are likely to take precedence and thereby defeat the DMK. However,that doesn’t necessarily translate into a defeat for the Congress,who can,before or after the elections,go with the AIADMK.

— Prasad Malladi


Within his rights

Tamil Nadu CM M. Karunanidhi’s criticism of the state’s chief electoral officer,Naresh Gupta,is unmerited (‘TN bypoll skeletons tumble out…’,IE,March 5). Protocol

requires the CEO to desist from retorting to politicians’ charges or engaging in an argument with them. He has rightly said that those who have problems with him should approach the Election Commission. The CEO has the right to take action with regard to polling as he thinks fit.

— Raghu Seshadri


Inexplicable auction

The high drama pertaining to the New York auction of certain belongings of Mahatma Gandhi is inexplicable. Liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s successful bid for the items of a teetotaller like Gandhi heightens the irony. Equally ironic are the demands of James Otis of the Indian government. It seems that Otis’s ideals are very close to Gandhi’s. Why then did he choose to sell such precious possessions of his? He might as well have donated the items to the Indian government or the Mahatma’s heirs. 

— Bidyut K. Chatterjee




It makes one immensely happy to learn that the Kingfisher man,Vijay Mallya,has the goodness of heart and the interest to buy up Gandhi’s belongings for the Indian government. The items,no doubt,would be historically valuable even without taking into account their monetary worth or how much Mallya paid for them. The nation owes Mallya thanks.

— Bhavesh C. Jani

Nala Sopara,Thane

Milk train stops

It is important to draw attention to the increased sale in adulterated milk and milk products during festivals like Holi. Consumers are most vulnerable during festivals because they have little time to bargain or check. Many are also unaware of the proliferation of contaminated or fake products. Loose milk,which is of poor quality,is sold on a daily basis across the country. Increased demand for milk products during Holi can possibly lead to further mixing of unsafe elements to meet the large seasonal demand. It is the tardy approach of civic authorities which encourages such elements to thrive. It’s time state and Union governments came together to put an end to this menace.

— Rajesh Mahadik