Across the border

Pakistan's PM Yousuf Raza Gilani’s appearance before the supreme court is a sign of democracy,howsoever fragile

Written by The Indian Express | Published: January 23, 2012 3:53:15 am

Across the border

* Pakistan’s PM Yousuf Raza Gilani’s appearance before the supreme court is a sign of democracy,howsoever fragile (‘Zardari has immunity,Gilani tells SC’,IE,January 20). The purpose seems to be twofold. First,to bring a few notches down the confrontation between the government and the judiciary,and second,to buy time till the budget session when his government will present a populist budget,just in case there are early elections. However,his defence of President Zardari,citing presidential immunity,is not convincing.

— Saroj K. Panigrahi Mumbai

Keep watching

* For obvious reasons,the present crisis in Pakistan is a cause for concern for us. The president and the prime minister are on the radar of the supreme court. The intentions of PM Gilani in playing to the gallery in parliament and winning its confidence ahead of his court date do not seem clear. What made him criticise the army chief earlier is still a matter of speculation. We should keep our fingers crossed about what might happen across the border. Army coups have brought down democratically elected governments in Pakistan. Whatever happens to Gilani in court,it should not endanger democracy there.

— Yash P. Verma Pune

Class apart

* Apropos ‘Not just their roll call’ (IE,January 20),PISA focuses on a student’s ability to apply his or her knowledge to solve problems set in real-life contexts. That is precisely the weakness in our education system. To correct this,we need to effect a fundamental shift — from literacy and mass coverage to job orientation. That will entail freeing education from government control so that a million ideas relating to course structures,content,training methodologies and assessment can bloom. It will also help foster an environment in which relevant research and development can happen.

— Kishor Kulkarni Mumbai

Net loss

* I fully agree with the views expressed in ‘Our Scissorland’ (IE,January 19). Would the government ban India Post if I send out a thousand obscene pictures? Blaming Facebook and Google for objectionable content is similar to that,or like suing a phone company because someone sends a defamatory/obscene text. It is foolish to attempt to censor the Internet through such top-down measures.

— Ankit Jain Delhi

Bad news

* Of the many points Vice President Hamid Ansari made in ‘Endangered editor’ (IE,January 18),one is of great concern for readers. It is about the editor becoming a footnote,barring some exceptions,of course. Investigative and scholarly journalism is sadly yielding place to sensationalism.

— Y.G. Chouksey Pune

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