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June 20, 1976, Forty Years Ago: Farakka talks

A look at the front page of Indian Express on June 20, forty years ago.

A look at the front page of Indian Express on June 20, forty years ago.

Farakka talks

Formal talks between India and Bangladesh to “promote and strengthen” relations between the two countries began in Dhaka. “We have started the talks with the specific question on Farakka,” G. Parthasarathy, leader of the Indian delegation, told the media.

Riots in South Africa

Hundreds of policemen with automatic weapons held Johannesburg’s riot-torn black township under siege after three days of racial violence. An uneasy calm settled on the communities where 100 people had been killed and more than 1,000 wounded in three days. Blacks in 11 townships — their only homes in racially segregated South Africa — picked their way through the wreckage of burned buses, cars and offices.

Race war

Tanzania told the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that South Africa faced an uprising by 18 million blacks that spelled the beginning of the apartheid. Tanzania’s ambassador to the UN, Salim A. Salim, warned of a “holocaust” and a direct threat to international peace and security. The Council went into session to consider what the official agenda item termed “killings and violence by the apartheid regime in South Africa”. The Council scheduled further debate to consider a resolution condemning the ‘‘massive violence against and killings of the African people.”

ONGC in Africa

The Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) has spudded the first well on the island of Songo Songo on the Tanzanian coast on June 17, 1976, according to a press release. The ONGC will drill the first well upto a depth of about 2,300 metres for the purpose of proving the presence of natural gas on the structure of Songo Songo. Tanzania is the third foreign country where the ONGC is working overseas.