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Trump is wrestling with the media, in real life and in the photoshopped cartoon world

By: Editorials | New Delhi | Updated: July 4, 2017 12:35:58 am
donald trump, trump cnn, trump wrestling video, trump cnn video, world news, indian express news In an act of contrition, three of its top reporters put in their papers, and Trump is on a roll.

The Washington press treats the US president’s Twitter handle as a beat, and they have learned his habits. They even have alarms set on their phones to wake them up when the Donald starts hitting the post button. Apparently, he gets up at about 5 am and reads the papers. That sets off a tweetstorm, which is often newsworthy. But even the most dedicated Trump reporter must have been unprepared for the cartoonish video which the president tweeted this weekend, a doctored clip showing him at a WWE ringside, precisely the space where the victor — theatrically and illegally — leaps upon the vanquished after hurling him out of the ring.

In the video, POTUS is seen attacking an adversary wearing the CNN logo over his face, wrestling him to the floor and administering a couple of swift jabs. His followers loved it. The US media weren’t half as amused.

POTUS has been emboldened by the channel’s retraction of a story about his ally Anthony Scaramucci. In an act of contrition, three of its top reporters put in their papers, and Trump is on a roll. He has rechristened the channel he disparaged as FNN — Fake News Network — to Fraud News Network. But coming shortly after a vicious personal Twitter attack on the hosts of Morning Joe, the video raises suspicions about Trump’s mental state — upon which psychotherapists and psychiatrists have expounded already.

The man should have things on his mind, especially with the G20 meet on the horizon, where he will meet Vladimir Putin. He cannot possibly hope to wrestle a black belt into submission, but his electorate expects him to ask sharp questions. Besides, he must roll out Trumpcare and figure out how to deal with North Korea. But then, at 5 am, it’s probably easier to just hit the post button.

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