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October 9, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Nanaji quits politics

Front page of The Indian Express on October 9, 1978

Front page of The Indian Express on October 9, 1978

Nanaji Deshmukh, general secretary of the Janata Party, announced that he would quit “party and power politics’’ and electioneering work with effect from October 11 in order to devote all his time and energy to constructive work. But he made it clear that he was not going into political exile. “I shall continue to be an ordinary member (of the Janata Party),” Deshmukh said, while speaking at the inauguration of the Hindi journal, Jai Matrubhumi. Jayaprakash Narayan, who inaugurated the journal and Karpoori Thakur, Bihar chief minister who presided over the function, welcomed Deshmukh’s announcement. Deshmukh chose October 11 as the date for renouncing active politics because it happened to be JP’s birthday. The editor of the new journal out that the day also marked the 62nd birthday of Deshmukh.

Janata chief on Nanaji

Janata Party President Chandra Shekhar said that he would not accept the resignation of the party general secretary, Nanaji Deshmukh if handed over to him. Chandra Shekhar said he had not accepted the resignation of Madhu Limaye also and he was still “our non-functioning general secretary”.

Plane Force-landed

Iranian jet fighters forced an Indian Air Force transport plane to land at Mehrabad airport after the plane apparently entered Iranian airspace without proper authority, a government spokesman said. The plane was identified as a Soviet-built Antonov-12, which was on a flight from Moscow to New Delhi when intercepted by Iranian F-4 Phantom jets. The plane and its crew were held under guard at the military section for about two hours before being released.
Chikmagalur waits
The selection of the Janata candidate to fight Mrs Gandhi in Chikmagalur has been delayed. The brightest prospect seems to be for Veerendra Patil, former Karnataka CM.