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Saturday, July 21, 2018

November 26, 1976, Forty Years Ago: Lok Dal statement

Continued denial of civil liberties and democratic rights of the people is the cause of the present unrest among the people, Charan Singh said.

By: Editorial | Updated: November 26, 2016 12:02:56 am

Charan Singh, chairman of the Bharatiya Lok Dal, issued a statement which recalled a resolution passed by his party on May 31, 1976, where it was said if the government was willing to restore the freedom of the people and the press and the system of judicial review, there would be no difficulty in evolving a proper code of conduct for political parties. In that resolution the prime minister was also requested to take the initiative to bring about the much needed national reconciliation. But instead of taking any such initiative, she continues to denounce the opposition without precisely stating what kind of role she expects from them. Continued denial of civil liberties and democratic rights of the people is the cause of the present unrest among the people. If these are restored, the talk of agitation would certainly cease, Singh stated.

Rabin rejects UN

Israel prime minister, Yitzak Rabin, dismissed the United Nations resolution for a plan to create a state of Palestine on the west bank of Jordan and in the Gaza strip. “I have stopped counting the resolutions that, have been passed by the UN against Israel,” Rabin said. “I do not believe that anyone pays any attention to them any longer,” Rabin. Rabin, in Geneva for the opening of the Socialist International Congress, predicted that 1977 will be a year of “real efforts” for negotiations between the Arab countries and Israel.

Ganga water sharing

The Ganga water question is off the agenda of the UN General Assembly session following the adoption of a consensus statement by the Special Political Committee announcing the decision of India and Bangladesh to meet urgently in Dacca “with a view to arriving at a fair and expeditious settlement”. The Dacca meeting will be at the ministerial level. The consensus statement was the outcome of negotiations conducted by a group of non-aligned nations — Egypt, Syria, Sri Lanka, Algeria and Guyana — with Indian and Bangladeshi delegations.


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