Letters to the editor: Not just Badaun

Munde was a mass leader of great stature. It was therefore no surprise that such a large number of people attended his funeral.

Updated: June 6, 2014 12:00:03 am

This refers to the editorial ‘A bitter inequity’ (IE, June 5). As Indians we should hang our heads in shame because of our inability to provide basic amenities to the women and children of this country. The lack of toilets has led to indescribable crimes. In the sixth month of the 14th year of the 21st century, we are unable to provide bathrooms and toilets to all our people. Not just in rural UP, right here in Mumbai too.

Public toilets are no good. My domestic employee has to accompany her young adult daughter every time she needs to relieve herself. Forget Z-plus security, flyovers, metros and statues. Forget 2G, 3G and all other Gs. In the next budget, we need a tax to raise money to build toilets. We need a rashtriya toilet abhiyan.The government must create and implement a five year plan to provide toilets and running water to every house in the country.

Suranga Date (Mumbai)

It is rather shameful that even after 66 years of Independence, India is not able to provide basic facilities like toilets to its citizens. About 60 per cent of the population in rural areas does not have access to a toilet and has to use open fields for the purpose. Had the two girls who were recently raped and killed in Badaun had a toilet attached to their home, this shameful tragedy could have been averted. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to power on the plank of good governance, growth and empowering women. He must make building toilets for every household a top priority.

P.R. Achuthan Nair (Delhi)

RIP, Munde

The untimely death of Gopinath Munde in a road accident is extremely tragic. It is a great loss for the BJP, Maharashtra and the nation.

Munde was a mass leader of great stature. It was therefore no surprise that such a large number of people attended his funeral.

Unfortunately, some people could not resist the temptation to protest at such a solemn occasion by pelting stones to demand a CBI inquiry into the accident. That was quite shameful and an insult to the great man’s memory.

Anil Bagarka (Mumbai)

Not up to it

Refusing to lead the Congress from the front, Sonia Gandhi has named Mallikarjun Kharge the party’s leader in the Lok Sabha. Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has also ignored the calls of party colleagues to assume the post of leader of the Congress in the Lok Sabha. By doing so, Rahul Gandhi has reinforced the impression that he is not up to the task.

C. Koshy John (Pune)

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