Letters to the editor: National shame

The EU and the UN are pressing hard for a lasting ceasefire.

Published: July 28, 2014 12:05:13 am

The saddest story to emerge from recent news reports is the fact that political parties across the board have, in the past, colluded to prevent a law against criminals in politics. Until such a law comes into effect, one can expect even worse conduct from bullying and badly behaved individuals who sit in our hallowed Parliament. The biggest shock was to read that of the 11 Shiv Sena politicians who brutalised a catering manager, 10 have criminal charges against them, including for murder. We must be the only country in the world that allows our highest institution to be filled with such people. How can the youth of India be expected to honour or respect Parliament or our Constitution? Can Prime Minister Narendra Modi bring about much-needed change where previous governments have failed?

— Anjolie Ela Menon (Delhi)

The helplessness

This refers to ‘Air strike hits school sheltering Gaza civilians, toll crosses 700’ (IE, July 25). In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, civilians are paying the price.Casualties on both sides are mounting. It may be recalled that tensions were ignited on June 12, when three Israeli teenagers were allegedly kidnapped and killed. In apparent retaliation, on July 2, a Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and also killed. Please note that these teens were killed for no fault of their own. The EU and the UN are pressing hard for a lasting ceasefire, but so far neither side has indicated its willingness to stop the fighting for any length of time. On the contrary, both sides seem to be escalating the conflict further. The UN, created to maintain “world peace”, has completely failed in its job.

— Vijay D. Patil (Pune)

An individual’s claim

K. Laxman, a BJP MLA, allegedly said tennis superstar Sania Mirza is “Pakistan’s daughter-in-law” and, therefore, should not be designated the brand ambassador of Telangana. By saying this, he has doubted the credentials and achievement of one of our greatest sportspersons. It is wrong to doubt Mirza’s patriotism. Do men lose their individual identity after marriage? Why should women? Mirza is the pride of India and will remain so, regardless of what Laxman might think.

— Sanket Pawar (Mumbai)

Shocked conscience

This refers to ‘Not a grown-up debate’ by Ved Kumari (IE, July 24). While I appreciate the multi-dimensional view of the writer, I vehemently disagree that minors committing horrifying and premeditated sexual offences should be given any kind of relief. The barbarism of some of the cases involving juveniles calls for an alteration of the law.

— D. Gopalakrishnan (Pune)

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