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June 5, Forty Years Ago: Israeli withdrawal

A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on June 4, Forty Years Ago.

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A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on June 4, Forty Years Ago.

Israel pulled back half of its tanks, artillery, men and missiles to facilitate the reopening of the Suez canal for traffic after eight years. But it warned Egypt against initiating hostile moves, which would force it to cancel the pullback.

15 Naxals killed

Fifteen “Naxalites of mixed caste origin” were killed and three injured in four engagements between Central Reserve Police and an entrenched “Naxalite” gang in Garhwan village of Masauhri block in Patna district, the lead story said. The police claimed that only three of the 15 dead were Dalits and, barring two, all others had criminal antecedents. There had been criticism, especially by JP, that an uprising of the lower castes and landless was being put down violently in the name of fighting Naxalism.

Indira on RSS

At her election meetings in Gujarat, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi warned the nation against the “communalist designs of the Jana Sangh”, which was trying to weaken the country by breaking the unity of the people. She wondered how her erstwhile Congress colleagues could join hands with the Jana Sangh, a wing of which, the RSS, was preaching violence to the youth.

CPI targets JP

In West Bengal to prepare the ground for a Bihar-type movement, Jayaprakash Narayan recalled the revolutionary tradition of Tamluk and Contai and hoped that the people would play their traditional role in carrying out “total revolution”. In his speeches, JP emphasised corruption, unemployment and rising prices. He accused the PM of fostering corruption. Large crowds greeted JP in both Tamluk and Contai. Meanwhile, at the anti-JP rally in Calcutta, a CPI leader said “rightwing reactionaries” were trying to come to power under the leadership of JP. Senior CPI leaders Hiren Mukherjee and Somnath Lahiri attended the anti-JP rally.