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June 29, Forty Years Ago: New I&B minister

A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on June 29, Forty Years Ago.

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A look at the front page of The Indian Express, published on June 29, Forty Years Ago.

V.C. Shukla replaced I.K. Gujral as the new information and broadcasting minister. The latter was made minister of state for planning. Meanwhile, 75 MPs in a joint statement expressed support for the emergency measures taken by the president and the prime minister “in thwarting the sinister conspiracy of frustrated politicians in the opposition camp”. Earlier, they met Congress president D.K. Baruah, who urged them to remain vigilant.

Nation’s censor
The principal information officer of the government of India was appointed the official censor. This was in pursuance of Rule 21 of the Defence of India Rules, 1971, according to an official press release.

Fire at Delhi AIR
A fire broke out in one of the TV studios of All India Radio, New Delhi, which police suspected was a case of sabotage by opposition parties. AIR claimed that the fire was part of the opposition’s plans for the offensive against the government.

Ford plan
An American plan for the settlement of the West Asia conflict included the creation of a new Palestinian state and the stationing of international forces in strategic areas in the occupied Arab territories, according to weekly newspaper Akhabar El Vom.


The paper’s London correspondent reported the “Ford plan”, named after the US president, would satisfy Israel’s insistence on security guarantees and serve as a basis for negotiations at the Geneva peace conference.

Amin on Hills
Ugandan President General Idi Amin repeated that the British lecturer, Denis Hills, would be executed for treason on July 4 unless the British foreign secretary, James Callaghan, visited Uganda.