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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Forty Years Ago, March 8, 1977: JP To Independents

JP said a straight contest between the Congress and the Janata Party alone would reduce the splitting of votes.

Updated: March 8, 2017 1:33:11 am

Jayaprakash Narayan appealed to independent candidates and others claiming to represent parties and contesting the coming Lok Sabha elections to withdraw to make it a straight contest between the Congress and the Janata Party. JP said a straight contest alone would reduce the splitting of votes, in a statement issued from the party’s head office.

Academicians’ Appeal

A group of leading academicians has warned the people not to be misled by the relaxation of the Emergency and has urged them not to vote for persons who will not permit the revival of “the darkness” and “injustice” of the past 20 months. “We have been warned. Let not the so-called relaxation of the Emergency prove a false dawn. Your representatives should be persons who would not permit revival of the lamentable 20 months that shook the country,” they have said in a joint statement. The signatories are: V.M. Dandekar, director, Gokhale Institute of Economics and Politics; C.T. Kurien of Madras Christian College; D.T. Lakdawala, Aloo Dastoor, and Usha Mehta of University of Bombay; and M.L. Dantwala, Indian Society of Agricultural Economics. “The pity is that those who proudly recount the gains of the Emergency do not realise that in effect they proclaiming their incapacity to govern through a normal political process. There cannot be a greater slander of democracy that to be told that to preserve democracy it was necessary to abrogate all fundamental rights,” the statement read.

Grain To Be Imported

India decided to import four million tonnes of food grain. Both the US and the European Economic Community have agreed to finance part of the import. America will give a gift of half a million tonnes of food grain worth $75 million under the Food for Peace programme. The import was necessary because of the fall in food production.

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