Forty Years Ago, June 6, 1979: Police Reform

Forty Years Ago, June 6, 1979: Police Reform

The Indian Express' Front Page on June 6, 1979

The Indian Express’ Front Page on June 6, 1979

State chief ministers will meet in New Delhi on June 6 to evolve a basis for agreed decisions on specific grievances of agitating policemen. Six major problems which have upset the policemen relate to formation and recognition of associations, interference from outside, pay and status of the constabulary, working conditions, misuse of orderlies and housing facilities. Union Home Minister H M Patel, who will preside over the one-day meeting, will spell out the Centre’s approach to various issues which will come up for review. According to Home Ministry sources, the Centre feels that a restructuring of the police set-up will help in redressing their grievances. In this respect, a beginning can be made only at the level of the constabulary which constitute the base of the system.

Africa With Egypt

Egypt has received considerable support from black African countries in its effort to thwart a radical Arab bid to have the question of the Sadat regime’s suspension from the non-aligned movement inserted in the agenda to be considered by the conference of foreign ministers of the co-ordinating bureau of non-aligned countries, beginning in Colombo on June 6. The African argument, first articulated by Gabon on June 4, is that Egypt is a member of the Organisation of African Unity as well. One of the conditions for OAU membership is that member countries must be non-aligned. Moreover, the proper forum to discuss Egyptian action in signing the peace treaty with Israel was either the Arab League or the OAU.

Delhi Bandh

The second Delhi Bandh by traders within a week completely paralysed the wholesale trade despite the UP traders having called off their agitation and withdrawn their call for Bharat Bandh. Some retail shops were, however, open for most part of the day. The traders’ organisations had a hard time persuading traders that the Delhi Bandh was on.