Forty Years Ago, January 14, 1979: Janata Crisis

Forty Years Ago, January 14, 1979: Janata Crisis

The Indian Express' Front Page on January 14, 1979

Forty Years Ago, January 14, 1979: Janata Crisis
The Indian Express’ Front Page on January 14, 1979

The crisis in the Janata Party may aggravate if the prime minister spurns the plea that Jayaprakash Narayan has made in his letter for restoring unity in the party, particularly by pacifying Charan Singh. Several ministers are likely to resign if JP’s appeal goes unheeded. They believe that the good offices of JP and Acharya Kripalani alone can retrieve the party from the present situation. The ministers, including those who had once submitted their resignations or were on the verge of doing so, realise that it would probably be difficult for Desai to accept something which is contrary to his earlier stance. But it is argued that anything done at the instance of Narayan and Kripalani, the two leaders with moral authority in the Janata Party, will not result in Desai losing face. After all, they are the ones who gave him the prime ministership without any contest.

Karan vs Swaran

Karan Singh hit back at at Congress President Swaran Singh in a letter in which he said that the latter was trying to take the Congress Party in the direction of “virtual capitulation to the breakaway group represented by the Indira Congress”. Swaran Singh accepted the resignation of Karan Singh and Chandrajit Yadav from the Congress Working Committee on January 13. The two CWC members had handed in their resignation in November when the CWC took a decision which implied Congress support to Mrs Indira Gandhi in the Chikmagalur by-election.

Shah To Leave

Iran Prime Minister Bakhtiar told the New York Times yesterday that Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi would leave Iran within a week, visit a country in West Asia or Europe and then spend most of the rest of his time in the US. “The Shah will leave by the end of the Iranian week,” that is next Thursday, said Bakhtiar.